Warryn Campbell was found on the kitchen floor of his home in Season 5, Episode 7 of Mary Mary, which aired on Thursday, April 14, 2016. Luckily Erica arrived home and found him in time to get him to the hospital. She rode with him to the hospital, and he needed to have surgery immediately. Erica prayed with him in the ambulance. Warryn tried to tell Erica his secret in the hospital before he went in to surgery, but Erica didn’t know what he was trying to tell her.

Warryn’s gall bladder had burst, a doctor informed Erica, Warryn’s mother and sister. The doctor added that there was an infection in his blood stream. This news frightened Erica, because the thought crossed her mind that she could lose her husband, but she didn’t break down.

Meanwhile, Mitchell Solarek was still trying to deal with the loss of music artist Koryn as a possible client. He really wanted to manage her, because he recognized that she could become a superstar. She would not allow him to manage her unless he was able to get Warryn to agree to produce her. Mitchell apologized to Erica for leaking information to TMZ (although he insisted that he did not leak anything to them). He apologize to make peace with Erica and to get Warryn on board to produce his client.

Although he apologized to Erica, Warryn still would not return Mitchell’s calls and Koryn said that their management agreement was on hold. It looked bad for Mitchell to have a client end or postpone a business agreement with him so early in the game. Mitchell decided that he said to do something quick. He didn’t know that Warryn was in the hospital, but luckily he did not try to contact the ill producer.

Instead, Mitchell paid a visit to one of his other enemies. He visited Goo Goo, Tina’s sister and the stylist for Mary Mary and other celebrity clients. Mitchell and Goo Goo had been insulting each other for years, so it was jaw-dropping that he showed up at her studio. Mitchell admitted that he felt that Goo Goo was talents, not particularly as a stylist, but as a fashion critique or as a red carpet host. When he popped into her studio, she told him that maybe he should leave before she called security.

Goo Goo was curious enough to listen a while Mitchell, because she was intrigued about his business ideas for her. Mitchell was telling her that he could envision a bigger future for her. He’d seen her YouTube fashion videos. Goo Goo had to travel to help Tina on her tour. She had been styling Tina and hosting for her.

Back at the hospital, Erica heard that Warryn was going to be okay. She texted Tina to let her know that Warryn was ok. When he got out of surgery, Warryn wanted to tell her his secret, but Erica indicated that she wanted him to focus on getting better.

Later in this episode, Warryn tells Erica the truth. He has to pay Sony back the million dollar advance that they gave him. He thought about putting a second mortgage on the house, on his studio, and he went to visit some of his friends from his old neighborhood to try to get the money. He also told Erica that he had the option of replacing one of the Mary’s so he could get a Mary Mary album made (in that case he wouldn’t have to pay the money back).

Of course, Erica didn’t want Warryn to deal with any shady characters who could put their family at risk. She also said that she will not sing with a replacement, Mary.

Then Mitchel arranged another meeting with Goo Goo. They had a sit-down at Deep Ellum Brewing, a bar in Dallas, Texas that is in the process of being transformed into a restaurant. It will be closed from April 18, 2016 to April 22, 2016. At the restaurant Mitchell told Goo Goo his plans for her if she were to hire him as her manager, and he offered to come and see her host Tina’s show.

Goo Goo was open to Mitchell’s ideas, but she said that she was going to be careful.

Filming Location Focus

The Dallas, Texas  area bar where Mitch and Goo Goo met up was the Deep Ellum Brewing Company. This brewing company has plenty of craft beers and has been called a fun place to hang out. Now that it is transforming into a restaurant, patrons can enjoy the food their, too.

Image of Erica Campbell, courtesy of WE TV