The teams from The Amazing Race headed to Hanoi Vietnam in Episode 22 that aired on March 17, 2013. Early in the episode, father and son Dave, and Connor decided to go to the mat and eliminate themselves from the race. Although they wanted to continue the race, Dave had ruptured his Achilles tendon in a previous episode of the reality TV show, and his doctor back home recommended that he have surgery within seven days. The teams left Bali for Vietnam. After arriving in Vietnam, The Amazing Race teams headed to Gallery 42 where they were challenged to watch a musical/dance production and remember a phrase revealed to them at the end of the show. The nine words, written in Vietnamese,  were flashed on colorful signs. They then had to run into another room in the building and find the correct poster (there were several) that had the correct phrase. The posters had at least a couple of phrases written on them, and they were created to resemble the Vietnamese phrase glory to the children that the teams saw in the performance. If the teams could not remember the phrase, they had to watch the performance again.

Hanoi by Hayter

In the second most memorable challenge, the teams gathered food in a local food market and made a popular Vietnamese dish, called Pho. The soup is usually made with chicken or beef, vegetables and spices. The part of the challenge, that anyone who has lived abroad can relate to, included getting the correct products and the correct measurements of each. The recipe list, handed to each team were written in the local language. Pam Chien, half of the Pam and Winnie duo, excelled in this task, because Pam relies on her visual memory in her day job as an art director.  After receiving their clue, the two friends  headed off to their next challenge, where they had to complete a traditional Vietnamese Bamboo dance. The  simple dance took a tiny bit of coordination and attention to detail. The next challenge that gave the teams trouble, had them all moving human chess pieces on a huge board at Cong Vien Thong Nhat. This Chinese chess game relied heavily on attention to detail, because the teams had to look at the pieces on the board, and move the people in the coordinating space. Some of the teams had trouble figuring the challenge out, but overall through the entire episode, Chuck & Wynona from Alabama probably had the most trouble. They were in last place, but because Connor and Dave were eliminated, they were spared, and will continue the race.

Hanoi, Vietnam by Stefan Fussan

Picture of Pho Ga by Jame and Jess