In Season 19, Week 6 of the Bachelor, Becca was the lucky girl to nab a one-on-one date with Chris Soules in Deadwood, South Dakota. They went on a romantic horseback ride together.

The Bachelor in Deadwood with Becca. Photo courtesy of ABC.

Chris had a one-on-one date with Becca. The two went horseback riding. Photo courtesy of ABC.


Becca and Chris later had a romantic dinner together in front of a campfire, and Becca finally had her first kiss with  Chris.

During Chris’s group date with the bachelorettes, he challenged the women to write songs to describe how they felt about him. The Bachelor contenders were shocked to learn that they were going to sing their songs in front of country music stars, Big & Rich.

After all of the girls performed their solos, Chris grabbed Britt and took her down the street where a huge concert was in progress. It was a Big & Rich performance, and the Bachelor  couple sung on stage with the duo.



Britt, Chris Soules , Big and Rich on perform on stage. Photo courtesy of ABC.



Also in this episode, the girls confronted Kelsey about her behavior. They felt that she was fake. She seemed to do things, like having panic attacks and telling personal sob stories just to get Chris’ attention.


Kelsey and Ashley I. had a two-on-one date with Chris in the Badlands of South Dakota. They arrived to this naturally beautiful area via helicopter. Ashley I. told Chris that no one in the house likes Kelsey; she didn’t gel well with the other ladies.

Chris went back and told Kelsey what Ashley said, and Kelsey was livid. In an interesting turn of events, Chris told Ashley I. that there were not in the same place in their lives. She was left alone, sobbing, in the Badlands. Chris then went and told Kelsey that she had to go, too.

Back at the resort, the rest of the girls cheered when they saw That Kelsey’s bags were being removed.