Bachelor in Paradise is back in Mexico with old favorites and new faces.  The season premier aired on Tuesday, August 3, 2016 beginning at 8 p.m. on ABC.

This year’s cast include :  Isabel Goodkind, Chad Johnson, Emily Ferguson, Jubilee Sharpe, Jared Haibon, Amanda Stanton, Evan Bass, Lace Morris, Sarah Herron, Grant Kemp, Carly Waddell, Daniel Maguire, Haley Ferguson, Nick Viall,  and Vincent Ventiera.

Photo of the Bachelor in Paradise cast by ABC/Rick Rowell

Jared and Jubilee went on a date on the first episode of  Bachelor in Paradise 2016.

Meanwhile, Vinny and Izzy were really feeling each other. Izzy said that Vinny was puling her in closer and that he was a really good catch. They ended up kissing each other on the first night in the water.

Lace and Chad had some sort of a connection that went awry very quickly. Chad began calling Lace a b****. Lace kept telling him to stop, until eventually she was done. The rest of the group watched the drama unfold as though they, themselves were watching a TV show.

Photo of Chad Johnson by  ABC/Craig Sjodin

Chase was telling Lace to go get him a mother f****** drink.  Chad began joking about tying her to a railroad track, running her over, and other diabolical ideas.

She told Chad that the way he was talking about women was so disrespectful and that she wanted nothing to do with it.

I didn’t come to paradise to be surrounded by drunk, aggressive, abusive jerks.


Bachelor in Paradise 2016

Sarah said that if Chad stayed she wanted off of the island. Evan tried to talk to Chad, but he pushed away. Chad came to the island behaving as though he wanted to make peace with everyone, but he totally changed after he had some drinks.

Even Daniel couldn’t talk any sense into Chad. He called Chad, Public Enemy Number 1.


Chris Harrison told Chad that he had the chance to turn over a new leaf and he didn’t. He asked Chad to leave.

Did Chad leave? Viewers will have to find out on the next episode, because this episode was to be continued.