The Below Deck Mediterranean picked up where it left in the previous episode as Bobby tried to bring a girl back to the boat. Some of the other crew members protested, and Bobby Giancola went off, saying that they should leave him alone and let him get into trouble. He told them all to f**k off, including Jen Riservato, but she wasn’t going to sit back and let him say that to her. She jumped up in his face and the other crew members had to hold her back.

Julia D’Albert Pusey was also in the line of fire and Bobby screamed that her boyfriend was a p****. Julia ended up crying and Hannah Ferrier consoled her. The next day, Bobby only vaguely remembered what had happened. Ben Robinson and Tiffany Copeland hooked up.

The next day, Bobby apologized to Hannah. He told her that he was ashamed of the way he acted. They hugged it out, and he told her that he felt really bad about everything.

Will Julia Forgive Bobby?

A beer developer and his sales team were the last charter guests for the season. Everyone was tired, but ready to complete the last charter.

Still feeling helplessly guilty about shouting at Julia (and with the knowledge that they were soon going to part ways) Bobby went to apologize to Julia, and she tearfully admitted that her job was putting her boyfriend through a lot.  Julia was more upset that Bobby said something negative about her boyfriend. Julia had signed up for everything that came with her line of work, but her boyfriend didn’t. She didn’t think it was fair that Bobby said something nasty about him, and he couldn’t defend himself.

Bobby’s anger is just one step too far for me. I don’t need any more friends. It’s enough.


Stewardess, Below Deck Mediterranean

Julia from Below Deck Mediterranean

The guests were rather laid back. They were content to have a picnic on the ship, because it was too windy on land. They  played some water sports,  and were happy with that. These guys praised the food and were not as demanding as the other guests.

The group tipped the crew (it worked out to $2,000 per person when it was divided up) because they really enjoyed the cruise. One of the guests even compared Ben’s food to Jimmy Hendrix’s music.

The Women Plan an Intervention for Bryan

After the guests left, Hannah organized a mini intervention for Bryan. Hannah, Jen, and Tiffany wanted to give Bryan some pointers on how to communicate to women. They all thought that we was too aggressive with the women on the ship, especially after he’d been drinking. There was also some concern about how he treated women, compared to men.  Firstly, he allowed Bobby to bring a woman back to the ship. Jen complained that he favored Bobby over her on the ship.

The intervention was a waste of time, because Bryan didn’t believe anything that the women told him. He justified his actions and called the little meeting a waste of time. He couldn’t wait to meet up with Bobby so he could tell him how the group of “chicks” ambushed him.

When it was time to leave the ship and say their final goodbyes, Julia finally forgave Bobby. Ben and Tiffany parted ways with no strings attached, but Tiffany said that she’ll see Ben in Ft. Lauerdale. Jen said that she learned not to take s*** from anyone, so she let Bryan have it. She told him that at least she didn’t need to drink alcohol to escape her problems. Ouch.

“I’ve learned from this charter season to have respect or yourself, be responsible and don’t take sh** from anyone,” Jen said.

So, instead of a insincere hug, Jen gave Bryan an honest goodbye. “I’ve given you multiple chances to take my name out of your mouth and you continue to bash me,” she told Bryan.

At least my breath doesn’t reek of alcohol, and I don’t need alcohol to solve my problems and escape reality.

Jen Riservato

Below Deck Meditteranean

But then, Jen had to ruin the moment and tell Bryan that he should have been paying attention to what Tiffany was doing, because Tiffany had slept with Ben. There was a time when Bryan was attracted to Tiffany, and maybe he would have cared a little, but Bryan and Tiffany had since moved on. So, Bryan didn’t care with whom Tiffany spent her time, and the fact that Jen mentioned Ben and Tiffany’s time together made her seem petty.

Photos by Tommy Garcia/Bravo