Chad Johnson came knocking at the door of The Bachelorette mansion to say some last words and to confront the remaining guys in the house on Week Four of the Bachelorette episode that aired on at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, June 20, 2016.  When he finally did go, the guys were relieved. They gave Alex Woytkiw a mini celebration when he returned to the house, because they considered him to be a hero.

Chase McNary and Robby Hayes were feeling comfortable in their relationships with JoJo Fletcher. Robby admitted that he was 100% falling for JoJo. Robby took her out by the fountain, made a wish that he’d be the one to propose to her, and then kissed her in front of the fountain. All of the guys were watching. James Fuertes wrote a poem for her, and read it to JoJo. All of the guys tried to grab her attention during the cocktail hour. Some of the guys who already had roses were still trying to get some more one-on-one time with her, and that was causing some tension. Jordan Rodgers took JoJo to an area away from the guys, just around the corner from them, and passionately kissed her.

I know I have rose, so it wasn’t like completely necessary for me to spend a ton of time with her, but I’m in it for me.

Jordan Rodgers

The Bachelorette 2016

James F. and  Daniel Maguire, didn’t get roses during the first rose ceremony.

After the rose ceremony, JoJo announced that the Bachelorette 2016 group were headed to South America, Punta del Este, Uruguay to be specific. They stayed at the Grand Hotel. At this point, there were 11 guys on the Bachelorette.

We’ve got a 360 degree view of the ocean. It’s just breathtaking.

Evan Bass

Jordan got the first date in Uruguay. They  took a yacht to see seals on Isla de Lobos. Then, they put on wet suits and swam in the ocean.

Back in the house, the guys read an article that claimed that JoJo was sneaking around with her ex-boyfriend, Chad when the Bachelor was being filmed.

Luke Pell, Derek Peth, Chase McNary, Evan Bass, James, Vinny Ventiera,  Grant Kemp, Wells Adams and Alex Woytkiw  were on the next group date.

The guys were grim over the group date. They were all speculating as to whether or not JoJo was really looking for love on the show.

JoJo and Jordan were oblivious to what was going on back at the house. Jordan told JoJo that he was falling in love with her, and that made JoJo happy. They headed to Taberna Patxi, a local restaurant.

So far, I really like Jordan. I don’t see anything negative about the Jordan that I know. Then again, I met a girl who used to date Jordan, and she told me that he wasn’t the best boyfriend, as far as relationships.

JoJo Fletcher

THE BACHELORETTE – Courtesy of ABC/Craig Sjodin

Jordan told JoJo that he was focused on sports; he wanted to be the best football player that he could be, and some people suffered as a result of that. He said that his ex was the only woman he said “I love you” to. Jordan walked away from the situation, learning about himself.  He claimed that he wasn’t ready them, but he was ready now, and JoJo gave him a rose on their date.

JoJo was giving a testimonial on-camera about her date when the producers gave her the magazine with the article in it about her past relationship.

She was crying and tearfully said that even when he was hurting, she was a good friend to her ex. “If he’s not happy, he wants to take everyone down with him! She screamed out that she hates him.

JoJo told the guys that her last boyfriend really brought her to a bad place, and she assured them that she was there for the right reasons and that she took her position as the Bachelorette seriously.

On the Valiazas Sand Dunes on the Coast of Uruguay, JoJo and the guys went sandboarding on the group date. They all seemed to have fun, sliding down the dunes. Then it started to rain.

THE BACHELORETTE  Photo courtesy of  ABC/Veronica Gambini

THE BACHELORETTE –  Courtesy of ABC/Veronica Gambini

Robby got the next date card for a one-on-one date. When he had the opportunity, Luke took JoJo aside and told her that he didn’t care about what was in that magazine. James Taylor said the same thing, when he had time away with JoJo.

I’m so done with Chads… I apologize to all of the Chads out there who are good men. I just haven’t met one.

JoJo Fletcher

The Bachelorette

Photo courtesy of ABC/Craig Sjodin

Derek had the first one-on-one date on the show. He was feeling jealous, because as he wondered how she felt about some of the other guys.

Everyone seems to think that Derek is a good guy, but I don’t like the guy. He’s a very calculated person, a jealous person, and he’s giving off this vibe of insecurity.

Alex Woytkiw

Photo of Alex courtesy of ABC/Craig Sjodin

JoJo wanted to give the rose to someone to give him some security. She gave the rose the Derek.

On their date, Robby and JoJo toured Punta Del Este. They went to some of the shops and grabbed a bite to eat in the seaside town.

Robby is such a good balance of playful, flirty, and sensitive; it’s all the things you want in somebody.

JoJo Fletcher

Photo of JoJo courtesy of NBC/Craig Sjodin

Robby had some deep feelings about JoJo. He was ready to share them.

I know I love JoJo. Saying it first isn’t a problem, but hearing it back is always nice, and I know that might not be the case, so it’s scary, but I wouldn’t be here if I wasn’t ready to open up, take this leap of faith, and jump into a relationship with the woman of my dreams.

Robby Hayes

Photo of Robby, courtesy of ABC/Craig Sjodin

They decided to take a leap of faith and jumped off a cliff into the sea. Robby is an Olympic swimmer, and that reassured JoJo. That night they had dinner at Capi Bar.  JoJo said that she had amazing time that day, and told Robby so.

Robby shared that his best friend died a year before. He was texting his girlfriend to let her know he was on the way home, and drove off a bridge. They were planning to move in together. Robby decided at that time that he was going to be happy with everything that he did in his life, so he quit his job, moved from the city and got out of his relationship.

Robby told JoJo that he’d fallen in love with her.

It shocked me when he told me that he was actually in love with me, but I appreciate so much that he is being so vulnerable, and he’s so open. I’ve asked him to be like that, and he’s doing it. Gives me a lot of faith that everything that I’ve ever wanted in this whole thing is starting to happen.

JoJo Fletcher

Photo of JoJo courtesy of ABC/Craig Sjodin

The Bachelorette Travel Destination Focus: Punta Del Este, Uruguay

The remaining men and JoJo Fletcher dated in Punta Del Este in the Central American country of Uruguay. During JoJo’s date with Robby, the two meandered around the the town. Here is a closer look at the beach side town of Punta Del Este.

Uruguay by Gabriel Millos

Punta Del Este by Gabriel Millos

Punta Del Estes by Jimmy Baikovicius

Beach of Punta Del Estes by Ernesto Jorysz