To narrow down the women on Match Made in Heaven, Stevie when on one-on-one dates with all of the remaining women, Roxie, Christina, and Kimmy on the Three, Two, One, episode, which aired at 10 p.m. Eastern on June 30, 2016 on WE tv.

First, Roxie and Stevie went on a romantic boat ride, with Gondolos D’Amore. The date was romantic and beautiful, but it started to rain. They snuggled together under a blanket and  finally had their first kiss, and Roxie told Stevie that she loves him. Stevie could feel her relaxing and he loved the way she shared her feelings with him. The date seemed to go well despite the rain, because not only did they kiss, but they witnessed cute seals playing near their boat.


Match Made in Heaven, Three, Two, One

Later that night, they sat and talked at a romantic spot in Beverly Hills. Roxie said that she was wanted to have at least three children with Stevie. They then, headed to the Jacuzzi and kissed.

Back at the house, Stevie’s mother, Lola discussed her feelings about the women. She was concerned that Christina lacked refinement.

The second date was with Christina. Christina is the dancer who is little shy. She was not accustomed to dating. She revealed that she never knew what to say.

They went to the Malibu Wine Safari where they had fun interacting with, and feeding the animals. Back at the house, Lola said that although she liked Christina, she didn’t like it when Christina’s mother complained about the accommodations and cut her visit to the mansion short.

Kimmy and Stevie went to the California African American museum together. Afterward, they raced a car, one of Kimmy’s dreams come true. That evening, they had a romantic bubble bath, complete with roses, oils, and champagne. Stevie revealed that he had feelings for Kimmy and he could see them having an empire together.

Stevie will choose one of the three women to be his one-and-only in next week’s episode of Match Made in Heaven.