Danny Zureikat was the star for the guests in the charter in the Below Deck Mediterranean episode that aired at 9 p.m. on June 21, 2016 on E! He helped the crew find some ladies to bring back on the ship and he livened up their experience. The kept saying that he was the man, and Bobby Giancola and Bryan Kattenburg couldn’t take that, because they felt that they were constantly clearing up his mistakes. The guests on the charter fondly called him Daniel-san, because he reminded them of the Karate Kid. He was also called the charter king, which gave Daniel the validation that he needed.

Hannah Ferrier complained to Ben about Danny being in the galley. Danny was helping Ben out.

Danny helped the guests find some women who were willing to go onboard the ship and party with them. He invited eight women to go onto the Ionian Princess with the guys. This meant that Ben had to prepare enough food for 13 people, when he had only planned to have a meal for the five original guests. All of the crew had a  larger workload due to the extra guests, and Hannah had a headache even before they got there. The guys were all middle aged and got extremely rowdy they had been drinking. They kept calling Danny, Danny-san. Danny even got a bandana and put it on to look more like the Karate Kid. He laughed with them and was the life of the party, until he broke the news that he had to work. The guests liked Danny so much, that they didn’t want to see him go.

In Mykonos, Greece the Cyclades Islands. The crew guests had a proposal for Danny and Bobby. The main guest suggested that the first person who goes up on stage and kisses the dancer in front of the screaming crowd would  get $100. Bobby had said that Danny didn’t know anything about women, so he was the first to go up and ask the dancer for a kiss, she said no.  She frowned at him and shook her head. But when Danny went up on stage and did a funny little dance with her, she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

When Hannah is angry I would compare her to a bull in a bull ring. And if that makes me the matador. Watch out Hannah!

Ben Robisnon

Below Deck Mediterranean

Hannah and Ben Robinson were acting like an old married, couple, bickering and fighting. Meanwhile, he guests were up and Ben didn’t know it, which annoyed Ben, because he had to through something together for breakfast.

It was windy, so it was difficult to get the ship docked. Bryan said that  Jen Riservato had too much slack in her ropes, but she said that they didn’t.  He felt that she was too entitled and was inflating her abilities.

The Tip

The guests left Danny a special tip of 500 Euros, but it was divided among all of the crew members. The tip turned out to be €14,180 or $16,000 U.S.  So, they received, $1,180 each.


The crew had the night off, so they headed onshore and to the Flamingo, a café, bar, and restaurant in Cyclades. Hannah asked Ben if they were friends or just colleagues, and he said that they should be colleagues primarily but be friendly to each other.

Hannah and Danny had a spat during dinner on their night off. Danny said that Hannah always starts arguments and told Hannah that she needed make-up, because she was ugly. Hannah called Danny a smurf!

Mykonos, Greece by Nick Cannon

Photo of Ben Robinson of Below Deck Mediterranean by Tommy Garcia/Bravo