Last week’s episode started normally enough, Sonja Morgan got her weekly facial from Satoko Yamazaki, who was telling her that she doesn’t get placenta anymore for facials, because she has to get it from the black market, but later in Tipsying Point that aired at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on May 11, 2016 on BRAVO, Sonja was preparing for her birthday. Ramona was coming, Bethenny Frankel was coming, Dorinda Medley was coming, and she assumed John.



Meanwhile, Carole Radziwill remembered how fun it was to get a reading for a psychic reading and thought that it would be a good idea for the women to all get a reading.

So they all came and the psychic said that Jules Wainstein was supposed to help other women. She was to be a role model. The psychic told Dorinda about Richard, her ex husband and Robert her brother. The psychic told Dorinda that her father said that he sent her the coins, and Dorinda was surprised, because she had been seeing random change everywhere.

The psychic, apparently spoke with Dorinda’s dead husband, Richard who told her that John is good for now. He can’t give her the safety that she needs.

Bethenny was the cynic. The psychic told her that a man was saying that it was the anniversary. Bethenny looked some information up, and realized that it was the anniversary date of her father’s death. “He doesn’t connect with his heart,” the psychic was saying. “He’s saying ‘Don’t say that you won’t get married again.’

” I’m not getting married again, so tell him to f—  off,” Bethenny answered.

“Actually, I don’t see you getting married again, either,”  the psychic said about Bethenny.

That conversation was the catalyst to get the other ask to ask if they were going to get married again.

Dorinda asked the psychic if she was going to get married again, and the psychic told her that she was not going to marry John. Ramona said, “Thank God.”

Dorinda asked her to stop saying bad things about John, and that he didn’t like her either. “I don’t pass judgement on your stupid relationships,” Dorinda said hotly.

Bethenny ended up leaving. The psychic spoke about Carole’s father, and Carol remember a picture that they took together.

Carole visited Jules, and Jules didn’t know how to make tea. They talked about the psychic. Jules asked if Bethenny was skeptical, and Carole said it was because she was on her phone the whole time.

Carole asked Jules if she knew what the psychic was talking about when she said that Jules was going to be a role model. When Jules said that she was recovering from an eating disorder, Carole wasn’t surprised, because she said that Jules was unnaturally thin.

At Il Mulino Prime, Dorinda had dinner wit her boyfriend, John. Dorinda wanted to keep kissing her, and Dorinda got annoyed. They began talking about Ramona, and John expressed very clearly that he did not like Ramona, because she was rude to him multiple times. “I don’t think that John or Ramona are taking my feelings into consideration at all. They are being narcissistic and they are both, are just trying to win,” Dorinda said.

The evening of Sonja’s party finally came around at Canoe Studios and everyone came around except for Bethenny. Ramona was still irritated that Luann gave her repaired jewelry from her line, while she gave Bethenny a designer bag. Ramona, Luann and Sonja had words, because Ramona accused Luann of being a bad influence on Sonja. She basically said that they’ll drink way too much and operate a brothel out of the apartment if they became roommates.

Then Sonja made a big announcement. Sonya had a new prosecco, Tipsy Girl. Jules felt that the names of the products were too close for comfort. Bethenny’s Skinny Girl versus Sonja’s Tipsy Girl?

“When Bethenny hear’s about Tipsy Girl, sh-t is going to go down,” Jules predicted.

In the next episode of The Housewives of New York, Bethenny says that one one brand rides the coattails of another it’s a cheater brand. It’s a personal insult, and she didn’t flatly stated that she didn’t want anything to do with Sonja.


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Dorinda and John had dinner at the Il Mulino Prime in New York. Il Mulino Prime is an Italian restaurant and steakhouse. There are three locations in the New York area, and locations in Las Vegas, Sunny Isles Beach, South Beach, Atlantic City, and Puerto Rico.