Mercedes “MJ” Javid almost ruined Reza Farahan’s surprise in the Shahs of Sunset episode that aired at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, April 24, 2016 on BRAVO.

In the opening scene of the Shahs of Sunset  Reza and Michael had a discussion at a the Lone Wolf Cigar Company. The two talked about old times with their business.

“It turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes I made.” Reza  said. Apparently Mike didn’t want to do the work that was necessary for the job. Mike apologized for his behavior back then he indicated that he wanted to work harder and stop using his charm to get by.

Golnessa “GG” Gharachedagh

For Golnessa Gharachedaghi  dealing with her arthritis was an ongoing battle. She was finally getting her stitches removed and Shervin Roohparva drove her to the doctor. The pain from her arthritis had been increasing every day,

MJ  was thinking ahead. Someday she wants to have children with Tommy. She had her eggs frozen to wait for Mr. Right, and she thought that Tommy might be the one that she has been looking for. Now she wanted to make sure that Tommy’s sperm are active.

Since Tommy had to make a contribution in a cup so MJ’s fertility doctor could analyze it, MJ wanted to give her man some inspiration. So, she invited Reza over to help her take some sexy pictures of herself.

Shahs of Sunset

SHAHS OF SUNSET — Season:5 — Pictured: Mercedes “MJ” Javid — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

GG and Mercedes went out. They met at Berri’s Cafe on Third in Los Angeles, MJ chose on the cafe on purpose, because she didn’t want Golnessa to have anything to drink during their meal.

Golnessa started to talk about MJ’s boyfriend. She wanted to know if MJ was treating this guy, Tommy differently. Since MJ’s boyfriend Charlie did her wrong, she was wondering if there was going to be a repeat of the situation.

GG asked MJ a shady hypothetical question about her boyfriend possibly cheating on her. But GG said that she was just making conversation. MJ didn’t want to hear anything negative about her boyfriend and wrote GG off as a negative, sad person.

“Your face tells a novel, honey It is in your DNA. I can see it in your DNA,” MJ tells GG. And that triggered GG, who took her statement to mean that she has bad DNA and she obviously got that DNA from her parents.

A fight was avoided, mostly because MJ left GG sitting at the table.

Mike and Jessica

Mike Shouhed and Jessica Parido were preparing for Shabbat. It would be the first time that all of Mike’s friends visited the couple in their home. Jessica was busy preparing food, like Sabza, herb stew. She called Mike’s mother to ask her how she could improve her stew.

“She makes the bomb Persian food,” Mike said.

Mike was nervous about the evening. “You have a bunch of judgmental Iranian friends…Anxiety levels increase very much.”


SHAHS OF SUNSET -- Season:5 -- Pictured: Reza Farahan -- (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

SHAHS OF SUNSET — Season:5 — Pictured: Reza Farahan — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Adam and Reza

Adam Neely and Reza were driving to a house that Reza wanted Adam to see. The house was constructed of concrete and glass. Adam wasn’t sure that he wanted a house like that, and he felt like he was being excluded from the decision-making processes in their relationship. He felt that his opinions didn’t matter so much. And Reza felt as though something was awry in their relationship. Adam had been acting funny, and he didn’t know why. As far as Reza knew, the wedding was still in the works. Asa Soltan Rahmati had even been shopping for something to wear to the nuptials, especially since she was going to marry them.

At Reza’s house later that night, Adam mentioned that he thought that MJ was saying shady things about their relationship. That raised a red flag for Reza. He thought before that Andy was acting differently. He now had an idea why.

That night the whole gang showed up at Mike and Jessica’s house. They started talking about Golnessa and everyone had an opinion. Reza felt that Golnessa needed support. She had an illness and needed them help from them. Maybe Golnessa didn’t need people to make excuses for her. Suddenly, Mike slammed something down in the middle of the table and walked away. He seriously didn’t appreciate people talking about Golnessa at his Shabbat dinner.

Jessica was pretty much done with talking about Golnessa, too. She told each one of them to stop talking about the situation. Everyone quietened, and Mike was proud of his wife, because he loves strong Italian women.

Reza talked to MJ about the surprise wedding that he wanted to have for Adam. Adam heard his name during that discussion, and later Asked Reza what the two were talking about. Reza made up a story about MJ not liking the fact that he was going to have a house built. Reza didn’t want to lie to Adam, but he didn’t want to tell him the about wedding ceremony, either.

Then, Reza had to go back and tell MJ what he’d told Adam about the house, so she’d know what was going on if Adam confronted her about it

When everyone gathered at the dinner table once more, Shervyn asked Reza about the surprise wedding in front of everyone. He said he’d heard about it from MJ. MJ and Reza denied the whole thing. Adam was in another room and didn’t appear to hear anything, but Reza was frustrated.