Joseline Hernandez is back and she has some gossip on all the women, and at least one of the men, too on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Joseline announced the release of her latest video, Church, and gave everyone a tease by spilling one secret but wouldn’t tell it all on the Love & Hip Hop episode that aired at 8 p.m. Eastern Time on Monday, April 25, 2016 on VH1.

Tommie, Tiarra, and Scrapp DeLeon

The episode opened where it left off at the Suite Food Lounge downtown. Scrapp DeLeon told Tiarra and Tommie that he might have to go to jail, and he invited them both join his harem. Not really. He did say that he wasn’t ready to make a decision between them, for obvious reasons. He wanted both of them to hold him down, however.

Tiarra Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Tiarra from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Photo Courtesy of VH1

Tiarra said that he must have lost his mind. “And anyone that insane will not spend a minute or a second with my son. Not a moment. Ever,” she said.

Karlie Redd’s Playboy Shoot

Next, the camera zoomed in to show viewers as much as what could be seen on TV of Karlie Redd’s photo shoot, which took place at a creative space, The Lab in Hawthorne, CA. Karlie Redd had been spending time at her boutique in LA, Mansiion and making business connections at Playboy, which was why she was nearly nude in her photo shoot. The Playboy representatives even decided to put her messiness to use and gave her a radio show.

Things have been going well between Karlie and her boyfriend Lyfe Jennings. Lyfe was with her at the photo shoot.

Stevie J. and Joseline at the Jewelry Store

Back in Atlanta, in walked Joseline to meet Stevie J. at Icebox Diamonds & Watches in Buckhead. Joseline wanted everyone to come to the viewing for her new music video, Church.

Stevie J. had convinced Joseline to return to Atlanta from California at a price, so he bought her a very large ring from Icebox.

Watch Joseline Hernandez’s Video, Church


The storyline was that the film that Stevie and Joseline were involved in, is going to be shot in Atlanta to take advantage of tax breaks. Stevie also talked about his talk with his nephew, Scrapp and Scrapp’s sex love triangle.

Rasheeda and Family at Pressed

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Rasheeda tried to have a staff meeting at Pressed.

At Rasheeda’s Pressed boutique in Atlanta’s Lennox Mall, she gathered her employees/family members together for a staff meeting. Kirk’s daughter Kelsie was late. Although she works in the store, her real dream is to be a singer, which is a real shocker since Rasheeda is a rapper and Kirk is involved in the music industry.

Kirk joined the Reality TV showcase bandwagon for new performers, and was gracious enough to  agree to allow his offspring to perform in his upcoming showcase.

Jessica Dime, Mimi, and Tiarra

In another part of Atlanta, Jessica Dime was saying that Mimi and her are cool now. They misjudged each other, so Jessica invited Mimi out to Park Tavern, an eatery in Piedmont Park in Midtown to make things right. Mimi told Jessica Dime that she didn’t tell Chris that Joseline and Stevie were back in town. And Stevie J. wanted to talk to Chris.

Mimi also said what anyone who watched last season’s reunion show already knew. She is cool with Joseline, very cool. Jessica Dime didn’t want anything to do with Joseline, but she did think that Mimi should forgive Tiarra for ruining Chris’ birthday celebration. Tiarra entered the Park Tavern right on cue, and Mimi heard her out.

Tiarra explained that she had no idea that Scrapp’s other woman would be at the party, and things just got heated.

“I know what it’s like to be the baby mama, tossed to the side for a ratchet a__  side chick,” Mimi rationalized. So, Mimi decided to forgive Tiarra for the time being.

Joseline and Tommie

Joseline was getting her portrait down for her video viewing party. Tommie showed up. Joseline had turned over a new leaf. She said that she no longer goes around slapping people and she advised Tommie to do the same.

Joseline gave Tommie her first sip of tea. Scrapp has another woman aside from Tiarra. Tommie was shocked.

Joseline goes on to say that she is having a video viewing party and she’s inviting all of the women. She has tea on all of them. Tommie was concerned because she does not like Jessica Dime, but Joseline assured her that everyone had to be able to be cordial at this gathering, and weave pulling and other Reality TV show type violence was not necessary.


K. Michelle and Karlie Redd at Mansiion in L.A.

K Michelle of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Image courtesy of VH1

K. Michelle dropped in on Karlie Redd at her Mansiion Boutique in Los Angeles, California. She wanted to do some catching up and Karlie was just the person who could update her on the happenings in Atlanta. K. Michelle wanted to know how Rasheeda’s store was doing, but Karlie said that she hadn’t been there lately. K. Michelle obviously still felt some kind of way about Rasheeda, because she called her a witch, and had this to say: “She probably has like a K. Michelle bobblehead voodoo doll and she pokes it at night.”

“So where’s Mimi?” K. Michelle wanted to know.

“Mimi has a girlfriend,” Karlie said (which didn’t at all answer the question about her whereabouts).

Then Karlie and K. Michelle talked about how K. said that Mimi’s past boyfriend Nikko London was a problem back in the day (which really wasn’t that long ago).

“When it comes to Mimi, us being friends again, I don’t know who this person is,” K. Michelle said in her confessional. “I could be friends with the old Mimi, but this Mimi I’ve been seeing is just thirsty and desperate.”

I love working from home🌻 #newshow #PuffLoungeAtlanta #GodIsGood

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K. Michelle said that she wasn’t sure when she would be back in Atlanta (but it must not be too long, because she is on the show’s opening song  (with a gorgeous blonde hairstyle) and she does have a new hookah lounge, Puff Lounge Atlanta.

Karlie was still upset that she and Joseline were no longer friends.  K. (who is still friends with Joseline) advised her to give Joseline some time.

Tiarra and Scrapp

At Suede Lounge Tiarra met with Scrapp. Tiarra wanted Scrapp to arrange a meeting with his mother and her. She felt that she needed to have a better relationship with his mother even though Karen K.K. King hates Tiarra.

Scrapp said that he was willing to put the two lions in a cage together if that meant that Tiarra would allow him to see his son.

Rasheeda and Scrappy

Next, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta shot at Sharp Team Entertainment Studios, where Scrappy was happily drooling (but he called it directing) over one of his scantily dressed models for his company Grustle Girl.

“This right here is what living is all about,” he said, happily. Then Rasheeda showed up at the studio, because she didn’t like that Kirk had words with Scrappy over Rasheeda missing Scrappy’s court appearance. Scrappy said that the court appearance was extremely important, since he could have lost custody of his daughter, “…the most important person in my whole life.”

Rasheeda had agreed to support Scrappy in court (perhaps to vouch for his character) but had to cancel when representatives from the TV show Rosewood, asked her to fly to California to tape an episode.

“My beef ain’t with Rasheeda. It’s with Kirk. Kirk told me exactly how he feel,” Scrappy said. “If he feel like he’s ready to come apologize, I’ll hear him out.”

Kirk had confronted Scrappy in a previous episode and told him, that he wasn’t too thrilled about getting involved in Scrappy’s court situation, anyway.

Rasheeda said that there was no reason for them to still be mad at each other, so she invited him to Kirk’s showcase. “I can’t let you blame everything on him. We are husband and wife, so you come to the showcase.”

Scrapp Talks to K.K. About Tiarra

Now K.K’s son, Scrapp (not to be confused with Scrappy) met his mother at  My Little Kitchen in Buckhead. He asked her to sit down and talk with Tiarra, so his baby’s mother would allow him to see their son.

But K.K. said that she has never really been on good terms with Tiarra. Her grandson is four and she hadn’t been to one birthday party.

“You may have kept King away from me for years, but you are not doing that to my son,” she said in her confessional interview.

K.K. said that she could not reconcile with Tiarra (that wasn’t going to happen).

“… she’s too caught up in her own feelings about Tiarra to care about what’s best for me and my son,” Scrapp said.

Joseline Has Serious Tea About Karlie

At La Vie Hookah Bar and Bistro in Downtown Atlanta, Joseline made it clear that she no longer destroys $200 manicures for the ugly rats on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Karlie received a text, saying the Joseline wanted to meet, so she thought that maybe Joseline wanted to repair their friendship.

Karlie said that they were genuine friends and she really cares about Joseline. She also said she she doesn’t let other people talk trash about Joseline, but Joseline didn’t believe any of it, because Tommie had already told Joseline Jessica Dime brought her name came up when the Puerto Rican Princess was away in California.

So, Joseline invited Karlie to her Church music video release party and told Karlie that she better stop gossiping about her, or she was going to reveal a secret about her.

Karlie said that she has no secrets and seemed highly unbothered by Joseline’s threat.

Filming Location Destination Spotlight

The Park Tavern, a restaurant located in Piedmont Park in Atlanta is where Jessica Dime and Mimi met, so Tiarra could apologize for ruining Mimi’s girlfriend’s birthday party. The restaurant’s menu options include appetizers like the six-piece Big Bang Shrimp, crispy Georgia shrimp in spicy sauce, Chips with Spinach, King Crab, and  Lobster Dip, and Truffled Tater Tots. Salads, burgers, including steak burgers, tacos and a couple of desserts are also on the menu.