Gonzalo Santiago Bautista from Mexico earned the first place prize in the 3rd Annual Washoku World Challenge, Yui Shito, a representative from the challenge, announced in a news release on December 5, 2015. The Washoku World Challenge is a Japanese culinary challenge created for people who are not originally from Japan.

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The purpose of the competition is to promote awareness and skill of Japanese cooking outside of Japan. A total of ten chefs representing Mexico, France, Russia, and Taiwan participated in this year’s Washoku World Challenge. The winners were awarded on Washoko Day, November, 24, 2015.

“I was deeply moved by the way the entrants stood poised and handled their hocho knives,” said Washoko World Challenge Judge Kihachi Kumagai, founder of restaurant KIHACHI. “These were finalists who had been chosen from locations throughout the world, and the difference in their creations had been a slim margin. I hope they’ll continue to hone their skills and take part in this competition again next time.”

Photo of Washoku by Nekotank