Ariane delivered one of the shockers on the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode, Is This The Final Goodbye? that aired at 8 p.m. Eastern on June 6, 2016 on VH1. She announced that she wants to be a singer. Who knew that?

Bambi felt as though she went a little too hard in on D. Smith. They had an argument the previous week, and Bambi said some unflattering things related to D. Smith living her life as a transgender female.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta D. Smith

D. Smith, Photo courtesy of VH1

Deb Antney had an idea to try to smooth over the disagreement between D. Smith, Bambi, Betty Idol, and Tammy Rivera. To bring the women together on one accord, she asked them to join a panel to discuss the prevention of bullying and try to put the drama behind them.

Love and hip hop Atlanta

Tammy from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, photo courtesy of VH1

Scrapp had a photo shoot in his mother’s studio. The space could be used for photo shoots and other functions. Karen King, still didn’t like Tiarra, but she was happy that Tiarra allowed her son King to spend time with Scrapp during his last days home.

Deb met with D. Smith and invited her to join her panel to discuss putting an end to bullying. Everything was going well, until the conflict between D. Smith and Tammy came up at the meeting with Deb.

D. Smith called Tammy a Tasmanian devil. So, Deb decided that she didn’t want D. Smith on the panel after all. D. Smith had burned a bridge with Deb.

In another part of Atlanta, Stevie denied that he had any other children. Joseline claimed that her husband had two children with two other women, and one of the women was demanding child support. Stevie said that Joseline was out of control, and he had a real problem with her, because she broke the Versace plates, and cut up his clothes, including his coats and his shoes.

Ariane, Mimi, D. Smith, and Betty Idol sat down to talk. Ariane wanted Mimi to meet D. Smith, because D. Smith was going to help Ariane with her music career. Mimi encouraged D. Smith to join the panel so she could still have her voice heard.

On Scrapp’s last day of freedom for the next five days, he spent some time with his brother, son, and nephew. Scrapp admitted that he didn’t want to bring his family through a situation like the one he was going through. Sas, Scrapp’s younger brother, has a good relationship with Scrapp’s ex, Tiarra, and he offered to pick Scrapp’s son up from school and spend time with his nephew.

D. Smith came to the panel and sat in the audience. She was given a chance to speak to the panel, so she addressed Tammy and mentioned their conflict happened between the two of them. Tammy spoke up with Waka and said that he didn’t agree with the transgender lifestyle, which rubbed D. Smith and some of the people in the audience the wrong way. D. Smith felt that the panel wasn’t the place to have a deep personal conversation with Tammy about beliefs.

Scrapp, prepared to turn himself in. It was a touching scene as he made his preparations to go to jail.