The Tour Group cast from the BRAVO reality TV show, made their way to Bangkok, Thailand in the Not So Happy Endings, episode, Season 1, Episode 7,  that aired on June 7, 2016 on BRAVO. But before they left Sri Lanka, they split into two groups. They could either go fishing or they could have their fortunes read.

Michael loves to grill, so while they were still in Sri Lanka he grilled up some fish. It wasn’t exactly what he was used to grilling. He was more accustomed to grilling burgers and hot dots.

They were thrilled when they learned that they were all going to Bangkok. Brandon Presser arranged for them to take a limo to their hotel, which was a step up, since they had to take a hot local bus to their hotel while in Sri Lanka. They were stuck in Bangkok traffic which was horrific. The traffic was at a standstill. And Jay had to use the bathroom. He had to resort to peeing in a bottle.

When they got to their hotel, Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, Heather Marianna upgraded her hotel room by more than $200 a night. Michelle and Sandhurst Miggins had a disagreement. Sandhurst tried to call her out on being sexually free, but Michelle wasn’t having that. She kept saying that she was a Rated PG person, when Sandhurst felt that her actions and signals indicated a Rated R type of woman.

They did the usual things in Thailand in this episode of Tour Group on BRAVO. They cooked Thai food in a cooking class. Brandon arranged a party on the veranda of their hotel. While Jared was cuddled up with Misty Kingma during their dinner party, it was suggested that a group of them go out to the red light district. That totally rubbed Misty the wrong way. He seemed a little too eater to go, and he didn’t say a word to Misty about going to this scandalous area of Thailand, known for its with happy endings. Rachel Grant had a traditional massage with all of the deep pressure points hit with various part of the body.

Misty was going to help Jared makeover his wardrobe. He asked her if there was something wrong, and she told him that she didn’t like that he just left her to hang out with the guys. They had plans to go out, and Jared Levy didn’t text her back when she tried to communicate with him when he was in the red light district. She kept telling him that she was fine, but Jared insisted that he felt that she was upset. She eventually walked out of the room and left him standing there. No makeover for Jared!


Of course, Rachel had to explore the bug carts.


Sandhurst and the lady boys..


Misty and Jenna went on a private boat…

Just two gals suckered into a private boat ride in #Thailand #Bangkok #TravelTuesday #TourGroup

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Travel Accommodation Focus for Tour Group on Bravo: Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok


Tour Group, BRAVO TV was filmed at the Shangri La in Bangkok

The Tour Group Hotel in Bangkok Exterior of the Shangri-La Photo courtesy of Shangri-La


Just dip into the pool and breathe happiness. Credit: scorpionrising (ig)

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Lobby of the Shangri-La Hotel

Lounging on a comfy sofa, sipping on your favourite #cocktails and enjoy the #peaceful evening with us. #bar #bangkok #lounge

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Room at the Shangri-La Hotel


Specialty Suite

Specialty Suite, Krungthep Wing Shangri-La Tour Group BRAVO TV filmed here

Specialty Suite, Krungthep Wing Photo courtesy of the Shangri-La in Bangkok

Pad Thai

Why don't you come & try our scrumptious #PadThai served by the river? #Salathip

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Baked Salmon


Lobby at the Shangri-La

Lobby and Lounge of the Shangri-La in Bangkok

Lobby and Lounge, photo courtesy of the Shangri-La in Bangkok

Pool at the Shangri-La

Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok

Swimming Pool, photo courtesy of the Shangri-La in Bangkok

NEXT2 Terrace

NEXT2 terrace at Shangri-La

NEXT2 Terrace, Photo courtesy of Shangri-La