Stevie Baggs was definitely intrigued with Sincerely Ward during their one on one date during the episode of Match Made in Heaven, Season 2, Episode 4, which aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on June 9, 2016 on WE tv. With 10 women left in the house, Sincerely was the chosen womanΒ to have a romantic date with ex-professional football player, and current business owner, Stevie Baggs on Match Made in Heaven.

Sincerely and Stevie had a red hot, romantic photo shoot on the beach, but little did they know that prying eyes were watching. This time, the woman who bit one of the apples first opened the doors for all of the women in the house to see Stevie’s date in progress. Surprisingly Lola, Stevie’s mother bit the apple, because she wanted to see what her son was up to with Sincerely. Lola didn’t like Sincerely before the date, and she certainly didn’t like her one iota after the date.

The group witnessed Stevie and Sincerely holding each other, caressing and kissing passionately on the date. Some of the women felt that Stevie and pretty much made up his mind as to who he wanted from the show.

Sincerely Ward

Lola said in this episode that she doesn’t what a daughter-in-law like Sincerely, and it looks like Mama Lola will do anything in her power to stop her son from choosing the 33-year-old spa designer from Atlanta.

Which spa does Sincerely Ward Own?

Sincerely Ward, cast member of Match Made in Heaven, is the co-owner of Clean Start, Total Body Cleansing in Miami, Florida.


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Who was sent home on Season 2, Episode 4 of Match Made in Heaven



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Rose went home, because although she promised not to say anything to Kimmy, Rose continued to comment about Kimmy’s wealth.

Jasmine Demi

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Jasmine was also sent home in this episode. Stevie didn’t feel that he had a strong connection with her.

But despite Lola’s wishes, Sincerely stayed in the house. A business woman and world traveler, Sincerely was adamant when she said that she climbed to the top the right way, although the other women gossiped about her. They said she probably used her good looks to become so successful.

See Sincerely Ward’s Travels in Pictures



South Africa

Lion Park,Β Johannesburg, South Africa


Nairobi, Kenya




Port of Spain, Trinidad


Zanzibar, Tanzania

Paris, France


Burj Khalifa


Rome, Italy

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