Between July and September the largest shark migration in the world will occur at La Jolla Beach in San Diego, California, the San Diego Tourism Authority reports.

Being one of the most graceful, gentle, and least dangerous out of all the shark species, it makes for the perfect opportunity to jump right in and snorkel alongside these magnificent creatures.

According to the San Diego Tourism Authority leopard sharks are timid and docile. Scuba divers and snorkelers often try to swim near them to see them up close. These sharks typically eat the crabs at the bottom of the ocean and “In fact, there’s never been a report of anyone being bitten by a leopard shark,” reports the Tourism Authority.

Most of the sharks are pregnant females. They seek out La Jolla for its warm waters and shallow areas. Shark sightings peak in August and September.

And when not suited up in your snorkel gear, enjoy the many great aspects and features that line La Jolla Beach where you can soak up the sun, dig your toes into the warm sand, and enjoy one of San Diego’s most popular hangout spots.


L Jolla Beach by Darin Kim

Jolla Beach by Darin Kim