By profession, 29-year-old James Taylor or James McCoy Taylor is a singer/songwriter. The 6’2” Bachelorette contestant from Texas sung a song that he wrote for JoJo when he met her for the first time on the first day of JoJo’s season. Since then, James has danced with JoJo and has shared his opinions with her concerning Jordan, another one of JoJo’s top choices.  James also consoled JoJo when she read a damaging article from her ex that criticized her as a person.

On their second date, James Taylor revealed that when he was young, he was made fun of because of his appearance. JoJo reassured him that he was the whole package. James is still unwary about his looks compared to the other guys. He has said that they all are muscular with chiseled faces and he seems to think that he doesn’t quite measure up to them as far as looks as concerned, but he’s made it clear that he’s honest and could give JoJo stability.

James Taylor is not afraid to turn on the romance.

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James Taylor is a talented singer.

He is from Texas but now lives in Atlanta.

#TBT From when I sent this selfie to my mom asking her if this matched and if I looked ready to meet @joelle_fletcher!

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He looks good in a suit.

James Taylor is persistent.He won’t let a little old head injury stop him.