A Stevie J, Joseline Hernandez and a few other members of the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta cast brought their shenanigans to Los Angeles for the Grammy’s in the Funny Business episode that aired at 8 p.m.  July 4, 2016.  Stevie J. was situated at Tony Deniro’s mansion in Los Angeles. Joseline was in Los Angeles, too, but she didn’t come with Stevie J.  She had some surprises for Stevie. Tiarra and Mimi were in L.A. as well. Apparently, Mimi had some hosting jobs, but Tiarra was just along for the ride. Karlie was in Los Angeles with her now ex-boyfriend Lyfe Jennings. Lyfe and Karlie are no longer dating, according to this June 17, 2016 interview on V-103. He said that he regrets having relations with her.

And then, Karlie Redd had this to say about her break-up with Lyfe Jennings. Karlie Redd said that Lyfe was married and they had an open relationship.

The trip was an opportunity for her to check in on her second store.  Of course, Jessica Dime made it to Los Angeles, but when she made her appearance,  she wasn’t with Karlie and the other women.

At Masti Indian Fun Street Eats Restaurant, Momma D. met Yung Joc there. She was on crutches since her sciatic nerve was bothering her. Momma D. hoped that Yung Joc would help her with her music. Yung Joc told her that she needed a 2016 electric slide. Joc suggested that she sing about a situation. And of course, Momma D. had a situation.  She had a very large situation going on with Ernest. Momma D. felt that he had been missing too many times, so she put a tracking device on his phone.

Meanwhile at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles, for the Def Comedy Jam. Karlie Redd, Mimi and Tiarra were all there. Karlie Redd wanted to tell Tiarra about what was going on between her and Scrapp.

Then Stevie J. walked in the comedy club with Jessica Dime. Mimi was angry that Dime was working with Stevie, because when she tried to work with her and get Stevie onboard, he shut her down.

I do not want to get involved in the Stevie, Joseline and Mimi triangle, but I do need to get into my girl’s business, Karlie, because I learned something that I know that she’s not going to be happy to hear.

Jessica Dime

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

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Jessica asked Karlie if she about Lyfe being married. A blog reported that they were married and there were pictures of him and a woman.

Stevie and Mimi had a conversation and Stevie explained that he decided to work with Dime after Joseline started misbehaving.

“You are not wrong for working with Dime. You are wrong for not communicating it to me, because I’m the one who brought Dime to the table,” Mimi said.

Stevie apologized to Mimi for more than just working with Dime.

I think that you are in denial about a lot of things, Mimi said. Stevie countered by saying that he understood everything.

Stevie J. Confesses His Mistakes

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I f***** up my family for a stripper…

Stevie J.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta

Made you feel young again. That’s what you told me. She made you feel young again. And you hurt me … You have no idea how the f*** you hurt me.  … you did some damage that could never be repaired. Ever. Ever. Your sorrys mean nothing to me. Your words mean nothing to me. You have got to start showing me actions.


Image courtesy of VH1

Made you feel young again. That’s what you told me. She made you feel young again. And you hurt me … You have no idea how the f*** you hurt me.  … you did some damage that could never be repaired. Ever. Ever. Your sorrys mean nothing to me. Your words mean nothing to me. You have got to start showing me actions.

In Atlanta, Rasheeda and Kirk were admiring their new home. It was huge, and they planned to have a recording studio inside. Kelsie wanted to move into the house, but Kirk had other plans. Kirk felt that she was not ready for a recording contract, with his label D-Lo.

He was going to move another artist into their former home and develop her. Betty Idol introduced D. Smith to her mentor, Ceelo Green. D. Smith played one of her songs to Ceelo and he loved it. D. Smith was looking to move to the next level as a producer, and she felt that Ceelo could help get things moving for her. Ceelo agreed that D. Smith deserved a shot. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Faith Evans and Stevie J.  sat down to talk. He told her that he hadn’t  spoken to Joseline in a long time. He didn’t like the photo that she took at Rick Ross’ party, and he told Faith how he admitted that he was not really married to Joseline Faith told him that he was going to have to live with his actions.

At the Colbeh Persian Kitchen in Decatur, Georgia Ernest and Shirleen got together to talk. Poor Ernest just wanted someone to talk to, because he had a lot of pressure in his marriage. Of course, Momma Dee showed up, thanks to the handy tracking device that she put on his phone. She complained that Ernest needed to help her around the house more and pay more of the bills, not just a couple.

Shirleen tried to ask Momma Dee to calm down a little more, but Momma Dee wasn’t listening to that, and it was clear that Ernest was in big trouble.

Stevie and Joseline met up and Stevie told Joseline that he didn’t like the photos that she took at Rick Ross’ party. He said that they were disrespectful “for a boss like him”. Stevie said that he didn’t want to have an open relationship, but because he didn’t want to fight, he said that he would continue to support Joseline as long as she respected him.

Joseline had a surprise for Stevie. Joseline had invited Tommie over to the house, because she wanted to compromise Stevie’s relationship with the King family. Tommie is the baby mother of Scrapp, who is like a nephew to Stevie. In last week’s episode, Tommie revealed that she told her boyfriend, Scrapp, that she would let Stevie have oral sex on her. She said this because she wanted to make Scrapp angry and jealous.  So, it was Joseline’s plan have Tommie flirt with Stevie while she was nude in the pool, and maybe do more, so Joseline could tell everyone, including Scrapp, what Tommie had done.

Stevie knew that something was wrong and didn’t seem to take the bait. Back in Atlanta again, Sam stopped by Pressed ATL where Rasheeda was working with her mother and Kelsie, Kirk’s daughter. Sam is the new artist for Kirk’s record label, D-Lo Entertainment. She was going to perform for their housewarming party, move into their former home, and planned to work at Rasheed’s boutique, Pressed. When Kelsie heard this information, she was so angry that she stormed out of the store. Rasheeda felt that Kelsie’s attitude was keeping her from reaching her goals.

Karlie Redd decided to have that talk with Lyfe Jennings. She had done a little of her own research to see if she could find any mention of Lyfe being married. She saw some reference to marriage on Instagram, so it was time to confront Lyfe. Of course, Lyfe said that he’d heard something about Karlie. He heard that she was seeing Scrapp. Karlie admitted that she had been seeing Scrapp. He checked up on her and had helped her, he got her a hotel room when she was too drunk to go home, and it was pretty clear that she liked him, but she also told Lyfe that Scrapp was serving a 20 year prison sentence. Then Lyfe told Karlie that he didn’t want to give up on their relationship, so he pulled out a ring and Karlie fainted, dropping hard on the ground in the park they were in.

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