Danny was still very sick, so the captain decided to send him to a hospital in Naxos.  Jen was sent with him, since Bryan felt that he and Bobby could handle the ship better. The guests from last week were still on board, a group of sedate ladies who wished to have a jeweler come onto the Ionian Princess so they could do some shopping on the ship.

The women asked the captain to come and have drinks with them. Captain Mark explained that he was married and just had his 16th wedding anniversary.  Danny returned and it appeared that he had a gastrointestinal  problem. He needed to have another day of rest when he returned to the ship, however.  Ben suggested that he should forfeit his tip. Some of the other crew members had been whispering among themselves. They thought that he didn’t deserve a tip.

Danny didn’t like the thought of not seeing anything home, but he spoke to the captain, and requested that his tip be forfeited.


$20,000 U.S.

€18,000 Euros

1,630 Euros for each individual

$1,800 U.S. Each

Capatain Mark

Below Deck Mediterranean

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN — Season:1 — Pictured: Mark Howard — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN — Season:1 — Pictured: Bobby Giancola — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

You are getting your phone taken away from you. That’s something that happens when you’re 10. Don’t you feel bad about that?





BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN — Season:1 — Pictured: Danny Zureikat — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

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That’s because you are disrespectful little ***. You disrespect the captain. You disrespect him [motioning towards Bryan]. You disrespect everybody.


Deckhand from Below Deck Mediterranean

The captain took Danny’s phone to keep him from doing anything inappropriate with it. And Julia chatted with Ben. She came away from the conversation, feeling that Ben was a bit self-righteous.

Bryan came to talk to Danny. He asked him about the list of responsibilities that he had given him. The list included items that Danny had to work on to become a good deckhand. Danny didn’t have the list.

“Let’s not talk about it. OK. We’re done,” Danny said when he was questioned about the paper.

“Danny is a virus. He infects everyone, and with me, he’s turning me into something that I’m not,” Bobby said.

Danny decided to leave the room, saying that they should just work and that’s all.

Bryan and Bobby said that he wasn’t making anybody happy, but Danny called out, “Just wait until the charter guests get here.”

Bobby and Bryan agreed that Danny didn’t get it.

Hannah didn’t like the next set of guests as soon as she saw them. She said that they looked like they were going to be high maintenance, and she was right. One of the guests fell off the counter she was sitting on because she was too drunk. The guests complained that there was no one around to get them their drinks. Tiffany got along with them well, but Hannah and Julia tried to avoid the group of rowdy passengers.

Bryan asked Jen how to make a certain knot, and she admitted in so many words that she had to read the manual to do it. At first she said that she knew how to tie the knots and that Bryan just didn’t like knots, but Bryan told her that there wasn’t  a such thing as a Jen knot.

The guests complained about the service on the ship while they were right in front of Julia. They decided to stay an extra day and told the captain that they didn’t want Hannah to serve them. They wanted Tiffany to spend more time with them.

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Bobby Giancola, Danny Zureikat, Jen Riservato, Bryan Kattenburg, Mark Howard, Tiffany Copeland, Ben Robinson, Hannah Ferrier, Julia D’Albert-Pusey — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)