Tamar Braxton introduced her clothing line, the Tamar Collection, to her viewers on the Tamar and Vince reality show last week. The line, which includes casual slacks, tops, t-shirts, shoes, jumpsuits and dresses. Tamar insisted on the show, that her clothing line be inexpensive. She is working with IconStyle LLC, a company in New York that helps celebrities develop and manufacture clothing lines to develop or extend their personal brands. In the photo below, Tamar Braxton is wearing the gold foil bandage dress from her line ($119).

Tamar Braxton

Tamar Braxton wearing items from her clothing line

The shoes in her line include a black studded suede pump, a studded nude pump, a sparkly silver pump and more. They were all listed as $79 on her site this week for a special holiday sale on the site.

Site visitors can actually get an idea of how they would look in the clothes in Tamar’s line. They can input their measurements, height, bust size, waist size, hips, and arm length and view a virtual depiction of how the clothes would look on a person with the indicated measurements. So, they can see if the clothes will good on them before they buy. The site will also recommend a size for the desired outfit, based on the measures typed on the site.

Here’s a Tip: Some measurements do not have images, so you might input your measurements and get a message saying that there isn’t an image available for your desired measurements. You can also use the information from the site to plan a goal size or look for your next vacation. Select different measurements for your hips and waist until you see your perfect goal size for this summer! Then, work-out so you can reach your goal. The Tamar Collection e-commerce site is the first United States-based site to include a custom virtual fitting room with accurate photos.

Tamar Braxton is currently one of the hosts on the talk show, The Real, which airs on Fox and BET. She was nominated for three Grammy awards for her hit song, Love and War.