Amazing Race teams made their way to Manila, Philippines in the Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks episode. The Dentists made a mistake from the very beginning of this leg. Jim & Misti didn’t go to the travel agency when they learned that they had to book flights to the Philippines. They went straight to the airport and messed up, since by they time they got there, there were no other flights.

After they arrived to the Philippines, Manila in the evening Brooke and Robbie found a sign that directed them to pick up their clue from a flower vendor at 6:30 a.m. Everyone who arrived, realized that they had to sleep outside again and wait to pick up the clue. Jim & Misti were thrilled, because this gave them a chance to rectify their mistake. 

They had to go to the Municipal Plaza in Rosario by Baby Bus. Baby buses are cramped buses that commuters use in the Philippines. Riders actually pass change from the bus fair from the driver to other riders on the bus;



Next the Amazing Race teams has to find a place called Salina’s Specials where they had the choice between two detours.


Amazing Race Philippines Detour: Catch


In catch, the teams had to fill three buckets, about 300 pounds, of fish to a fish broker.



Amazing Race Philippines Detour: Coach

In this detour, the teams were challenged to assemble a side car at a local motorcycle shop and mount it onto a motorcycle; when the head mechanic said that was is okay, they got their next clue.

First off, the scientists were wandering running around lost as the other teams got in little cars ready to head to the detour. Amy and Maya didn’t read clue correctly, so they missed the part about riding to the detour in the small cars.

Brooke and Robbie chose the Catch detour. Robbie held the bucket of fish while Brooke poured the fish in the basket, and they both walked the fish-filled basket to the shore. They were waist-high in the waves

Then, they had to transfer the fish to another bucket by hand… Robbie was grossed out…

They started bickering at each other when the fish fell out of the bucket… Meanwhile, Bethany & Adam,  Misti & Jim and Amy & Maya also chose the Coach detour. Adam said that he’s good at maintenance work, because he likes to take things apart and put them back together. Jim said he learned to put things together from working with kids toys, and from the looks of her work in this detour Amy certainly knew what she was doing when it came to putting things together.

Bethany said that she didn’t want to get anywhere near water in the Philippines. That was a good call!

But the dentists were overconfident as usual. Misti & Jim were almost through with their motorcycle and called the judge over, but something was wrong. They had to try again.

Meanwhile, it started pouring rain. Brooke & Robbie, who were loading and unloading fish said the rain gave them extra adrenaline. So, Brooke and Robbie finished and ran to the rice fields. Adam powered through, attaching the side ride to the motorcycle, and his team pulled ahead next challenge. 

All of the teams, including Bethany & Adam made it to the next area where they had to dig up their clue with the help of an ox. The teams led oxen through muddy water and dug in the mud for their next clue, which ultimately led the teams to the Pit Stop.

Adam & Bethany and Brooke & Robbie ended up racing each other to the Pit Stop in a foot race. Brooke and Robbie took such a long time finding their clue in the muddy pond that they lost their lead. Although Adam & Bethany did well in the detour, they too lost steam while searching through the mud for the clue. Inevitably, Adam and Bethany beat Brooke and Robbie in a foot race.
Brooke and Robbie were in last, but they were not cut from the Smells Like Dirty Tube Socks episode, since it was a non-elimination leg.