The Amazing Race teams made their way to Singapore in the Episode 9, Season 25. During this leg, they could decide if the wanted to attempt a fast forward. For the fast forward, they had to ride a surfboard on human made waves for about two minutes. The cyclists decided to attempt the fast forward.

The other teams headed off to the Marina Bay Sands, a 57 level hotel with an amazing garden and infinity pool on its roof. The teams had to walk a tightrope 600 feet above the ground. The tightrope was stretched from one tower of the hotel to the other. Brooke and Robbie tried. but Brooke was extremely nervous, and Robbie repeatedly told her that she could do it. She didn’t know that she had to walk a tightrope when she agreed to do the challenge.

Bethany was excited that the fast forward was at the wave house, but they were too late and didn’t want to risk doing it, at first. So, while the cyclists, Alli & Kym  were taking on the difficult surfing challenge, the candy girls decided to go for the tightrope challenge (skipping the Fast Forward) and race them to the pit stop, as Phil put it. Maya had no fear of heights, so walking 600 feet up across a wire was like a child eating candy. Remember, the object of this game was to get ahead of Kym and Alli and U-Turn them.

“If I fall and she doesn’t, I’m going to be really embarrassed, because she makes ice cream for a living and I kick girls in the face for a living,” said wrestler Brooke about food scientist Maya. Maya had no idea that the female wrestler was bad-talking her. She thought they were allies.

Adam and Bethany decided to try the Fast Forward, anyway. Since they are experienced surfers, they felt they had a real chance of getting the Fast Forward as log as they could finish before the other teams that might be there. Meanwhile, the cyclists, Kym and Alli were already there. “If we get there and someone else has already done it, it could be race suicide,” Bethany said during the cab ride there.

Adam and Bethany got to the Wave House, but they couldn’t figure out how to get to the  area designated for the Amazing Race candidates. So, that was not cute. They were bumbling around, while Kym and Alli were both maintaining their balance on the wave boards. A minute and 21 seconds had elaspsed, and it was so far, so good. Neither of Kym nor Alli had fallen. Remember, they had to both stay on for 2 minutes. Adam and Bethany finally found where they needed to be, and it’s a good thing, too. The cyclists were coming up on needing only about a minute more to stay on. First Kym fell. Then Alli fell.


You’re Taking My Tan Off Detours

China Cups

The teams had to get a deep tissue massage and suction from glass cups and fire. When the massage therapist feels that she has removed their toxins, they would get their next clue.


Sinapore’s Chili Crabs

The Amazing Race teams had to work with Singapore’s signature dish, Chili Crabs. The teams had to crack cooked crabs that were smothered in chili sauce, Phil explained, and collect of two pounds of crab to get their next clue.


Jim did the tightrope detour, and  Misti was nervous for him, which she should have been. About halfway across the tightrope, Jim fell and had to try the challenge again. “My arms and shoulders and hands were getting beaten to death,” he said.

Then, Maya and Amy went to get the massages. It started out well. They were ready to get nice, relaxing massages, but it was too bad that on this episode of the Amazing Race the massages in Singapore were the deepest most painful massages that they could imagine. The Food Scientist, Amy and Maya, writhed and screamed in pain as the massage therapists worked the knots out, and I mean really worked the knots out. The massage therapists scraped their backs, hence the title of this episode You’re Taking My Tan Off.

Adam fell off the small surfboard on the first try but he got his footing on the second try and the team surfed for 2 minutes while Kym and Alli argued. Adam and Bethany made it to the Pit Stop first, and they won a trip to Bali to boot!

The Amazing Race You're Taking Off My Tan

The Teams had to work with the national food in Singapore,More Chilli Crab. Photo by megawatts86, CC

Misti and Jim took on the Chili Crab detour. They found it difficult to get enough crabs. The crabs were hot, and probably the spices were burning their eyes. The candy girls were surprised that the Robbie and Broke did not U-Turn the Cyclists. Maya said that she couldn’t believe that they didn’t U-Turn them and tried, begged them to go back and U-Turn them.

So,  when the food scientists ask Brooke and Robbie for help in finding their next clue, the wrestlers lied to them. And the scientists were wandering around trying to find it. Maya said that she was sorry for saying to just believe the pro wrestlers. Meanwhile, the cyclists kept on going, because they felt they still had a chance to make it in on time.

As for the food scientists Maya said: “The wrestlers did not get us out of the race. If that was their goal, they did not do it. ”

Kym and Alli didn’t make it to the pit stop in time and were eliminated. They made the wrong decision when they tried to do the wave challenge and get that fast forward.

Here’s the order for You’re Taking My Tan Off on the Amazing Race:

  1. Bethany & Adam
  2. Brooke & Robbie
  3. Amy & Maya
  4. Jim & Misti
  5. Kym & Alli