How do you become a charter guest on the Below Deck yacht? You apply to casting, of course! Pop Magnet Entertainment recently tweeted the need for charter guests who will take a cruise in the Caribbean beginning in January 2015. The advertisement requests elite travelers for the Below Deck charter. The guests will get a discount for participating in the taping for the show. The yacht usually charters for at least $175,000 a week, according to Pop Magnet Entertainment.


People with any combination of relationships are requested, including significant others, co-workers, family members, and friends. Each person who is selected for the Above Deck yacht can cruise with up to six of his or her friends.

Below Deck 2014 Cast

Cast for Season 2 of Below Deck

The interesting fact is that the Pop Magnet tweet says that people who are interested in this cruise will sail during the second week of January, according to the tweet that was sent out, so more than one cruise will be shot in a week and each cruise is only about three days long. But the good news is that the guests will be treated like royalty. The charters will be filmed for the upcoming season of the show, of course.

Who are the people behind Pop Magnet? Marcy Tishk and Valerie Penson who are skilled in building casts that get people talking. You know that the crew guests on the show are just as entertaining as the crew itself.

Below Deck is filmed on a 163-foot luxury yacht. Based on the show, the charter guests are millionaires or at least people who have back stories that will makes sense for them to be on a luxury yacht. They are usually quirky, fun, or least have discerning tastes. They’ve got to make the Below Deck cast work those tips, right?

By the way, the Below Deck reality TV show is also looking for paid cast members. All of the positions are available, according to Below Deck casting. Positions for the captain, mate, stew, engineer, chef, chief stew, engineer, and deck hand positions are all available. Does this mean that there will be an entirely new cast for the show, or are they just casting a net for options? Applicants can probably expect to have an initial screening video interview on Skype.