Evan Bass was not ready to give up after Carly  Waddell turned him down on the Bachelor in Paradise in Playa Escondida, Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico. So,  in Week 3, Night 1, he went after Amanda, the woman who he liked initially. He made a homemade datecard  for her, which said that she was to meet him in the treehouse.

Amanda was wrapped in an embrace with Josh at the time. So, Evan stole her away from Josh. Evan had food set up for them and poured his heart out.

Evan told Amanda that he’d come to paradise for her, and asked her if there was any place in her heart to  could see if something could transpire.

Meanwhile,  Josh focused on an important thing in life, eating a cheese pizza.

Evan admitted that he was late to the party and he should have said something sooner. He told Amanda that it was possible that he was going to go home,  so he wanted to tell her how he felt.

Amanda felt so bad for having to turn Evan down that she cried, giving Evan a glimmer of hope. She said that she just hoped that he would find someone. Amanda returned to Josh and told him what happened. Josh was still munching on the pizza and seemed to be focused more on the pizza than her, but Amanda didn’t notice.

The rose ceremony was next. Everyone was all dolled up. Josh was cozy with Amanda, although he was dripping wet in seat. The women had the rose. Christian talked up Sarah, whom he seemed to really like.


I’m here to make that connection and it’s do or die…Coming into paradise I see nothing but opportunity , you know, to find somebody and meet somebody genuine. And not getting a rose tonight would be really tough. I’m gonna do everything I possibly can to get a rose. I’m definitely not ready to go home tonight. Christian.


Then Daniel, who gave Sarah his rose the week before came around and swooped her away. Daniel also liked Sarah. Sarah hoped that he would kiss her, so she’d know who she’d give her rose to. Daniel did kiss her. Although Sarah said it wasn’t the best kiss, it was good.

Haley and Emily switched and Brandon couldn’t even tell them apart. So, she wasn’t so sure whether or not she was going to give him her rose.

Evan came around again to steal Amanda from Josh and talk to her. Evan decided to tell Amanda about the tell-all book that Bachelorette Andi Dorfman wrote, in which Evan says that Andi called Josh and emotional abuser. When Evan told Amanda about the verbal abuse claims, she had some questions in her head. Lace told her to be careful of Josh, too.

So, Josh was angry that Evan talked to Amanda about the book, and he took him aside to tell him so. Evan told Josh that he was very polished , and Josh told Evan that he shouldn’t talk about him behind his back.

Then Nick, who was also on Andi’s season and who was also one of her love interests on the show, also told Amanda to be careful. He told her that he’s in the book, too. Some of the information has some truth to it and some of it is inaccurate. The discussions make Amanda take what both Evan and Nick said into consideration. Although she went into the rose ceremony, knowing that she was going to give her rose to Josh, after the discussions, she had her doubts about him. Afterall, Amanda has kids.

Lace  to Grant

Izzy to Vinny

Emily to Jared

Amanda to Josh

Sarah to Daniel

Carly to Evan

Haley to Nick

I haven’t closed the door on Carly. She may have closed the door on my, but I didn’t lock it. Maybe I could sneak back in.

Haley chose Nick over Brandon because she didn’t feel that she would have a relationship with Brandon (he couldn’t tell her apart from her twin) and she wanted to give Nick a chance to find love as a friend.

Next, Caila came. She almost immediately picked out Jared to talk to. For the first time, Jared seemed to be excited over a woman. Emily was upset because she was getting butterflies over Jared, and although their relationship was new, she really liked him. Caila asked Jared out.


I’m intimidated. by Caila. She’s a little too perfect, but I feel like that’s totally what Jared wants. If Jared picks Caila, I just can’t sit here and watch them. I refuse. For once, I want someone to pick me.


Than Josh and Amanda were making out in one of the rooms, while Nick contemplated why Josh had stolen two of the women that he’d been interested in.

Ashley I was the next person who made her way to paradise. She had a thing with Jared on a previous season of Bachelor in Paradise. She really still had feelings for him, and said that it would ruin everything if he was head over heels with someone else.

Jared and Ashley met last year. Ashley was head over heels for him, but he didn’t fully return the feelings. Jared quickly explained that although Caila and he just met, he wanted to pursue things with her.

Apparently, Caila had promised Ashley that she would not go out with Jared, because the two of them were friends. So, to Ashley, Caila was a backstabber. Ashley asked Daniel out, since she had a date card. So, of course, Sarah was concerned about those two hitting it off. Sarah and Daniel had been coupled up with each other.

So Daniel and Ashley went out and had a good time. Ashley was even able to laugh, and Daniel liked the fact that Ashley I. is a virgin.


They went horseback riding on the beach. Emily was heartbroken. Jared told Caila that she was beautiful and said that he didn’t want the date to end.

Izzy and Vinny, Grant and Lace went out on the first Bachelor in Paradise double-date.


Evan had a medical issue. Apparently, he was not responsive, and had to have someone with him that night.

Carly and Sarah and Evan and Daniel had their own little double date.

After dinner, Vinny and Izzy, Lace and Grant went over to Senior Frogs in Puerto Vallarta where they drank shots and gyrated on each other onstage, danced in the foam party, and had a great time in the crowded club. That is until a random girl came and poured liquid all over Lace. Grant protected her by getting her out of the club.