On the Bachelor in Paradise  episode that aired on August 8, 2016, Chad Johnson was sent home, after he argued and cursed out Chris Harrison. Everyone was relieved to that Chad was gone. So maybe Chad Johnson has made history as the first Bachelor in Paradise candidate to be booted off for misconduct before the first rose ceremony.

Unfortunately, Leah from Ben’s season, came to Bachelor in Paradise, looking for Chad. She actually wanted to go out with him. She settled for Nick, since Chad was long gone, and they had a great time.


Then Nick asked Leah out and then he asked Amanda. Unfortunately for Leah, Nick was interested in Amanda because he felt that she is sweet and is a nice person. Nick and Amanda were very comfortable with each other during their night out at La Ola Rica.

The group had their first rose ceremony, and Leah and Jubilee were sent home, because they didn’t get roses.


Photo of Leah Block and Nick Vialby by Rick Rowell

Photo credit: Leah Block and Nick Viall by ABC/Rick Rowell

Josh M. showed up and the women were almost instantly attracted by his good looks. The men were worried. Josh wanted to date Amanda, although Nick really had a connection with her. Since Josh had the date card, he had the power. Nick and Josh had a history of dating the same women. They both went after Andi Dorfman when she was the Bachelorette (and Andi wrote a tell-all book that included thm). Josh ended up asking Amanda out and liking her. So, once again, the rivalry begins.

Nick had just given Amanda a rose and Josh arrived and changed everything. He showed interest in Amanda too.

Does Sarah Find Love

Christian showed up on the island and seemed to have almost an instant attraction for Sarah. He invited her on her date to go ziplining, which was great, except that Daniel had dibs on Amanda. He’d given her a rose during the previous rose ceremony, and was pretty confident that she liked him too. So, when Christian showed up, he pretty much swooped in in Sarah.

Meanwhile Lace and Grant were hitting it off.