Basketball Wives LA took the drama to Big Bear Lake in Episode 5, Season 5. Shaunie and Brandi were still having tension in their relationship. Shaunie had said that she would rather not interact with Brandi at all. Angel Love and Brandi were not exactly buddy buddy, because they had butt heads at Angel Brinks’ party. Because Brandi had a problem with Angel Love, Malaysia had a problem with her. Malaysia and Angel Love had their issues with each other. Angel said some things that Malaysia didn’t like (but they agreed not to kill each other).

So, Malaysia decided to have a fun getaway at Big Bear Lake, so everyone could make peace with each other.

I wish you the best in life and in general, but I do not care to mend anything. Like it was an invested friendship, relationship like Tami or Jackie, like I’ve known them for years and we fall out, I care to mend that because we’ve just had history and we’ve had a long relationship, but we didn’t.


Basketball Wives LA