It costs a pretty penny to charter the Sirocco from Below Deck Mediterranean. How much does it cost to charter the Sirocco superyacht? The Sirocco was built in 2006,by Heseen Yachts, and it charters for about $213,000 per week in the summer months, according to Yacht Charter Fleet.

How much does it cost to charter the Sirocco?

So, do the Below Deck Mediterranean guests pay for their charter on the Sirocco? It appears that a fee of  $55,000 was quoted  for a group of five people who were to appear on the Sirocco on Below Deck Mediterranean, according to One Mile at a Time. The fee includes hotel accommodations and transportation to the ship.

It seems that the guests have to pay a fee for the tip. Remember the charter guests who actually argued (while Hannah was in earshot) over the tip, whether each person should pay $200? Of course we all know that scenes we see on reality TV shows are not always the reality.

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What’s It Like Inside the Sirocco?

The Sirocco comes with all of the toys, as seen on Below Deck Mediterranean. Remember when the Naked News crew rode the jet skis naked? The ship also has a Jacuzzi, gym and plenty of space  for entertaining and relaxing. The Sirocco is over 150 feet long, so this superyacht can accommodate up to 12 guests on board.

The Sirocco features gold plated fixtures in the master bathroom, and it has a separate shower and  a deep tub. With a decor consisting of an African theme, earth tones with splashes of color, the master bedroom, has a large bed, a sitting area and windows all around it to take in the view. It offers a walk-in closet. The smaller bedrooms are also tastefully designed in a modern African  a modern decor. There are smaller bathrooms, but still with large tubs to accommodate those guests.

Photos of the Sirocco courtesy of Heseen Yachts