In the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills episode, Bachelorette Blowout, that aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on June 12, 2016,  Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan Stewart met up at Jean Dousset Diamonds to choose their wedding bands. Morgan really seemed to like this ring that she found with a gold band.  She said that she thought that the ring with the gold band was stunning, and she called another ring, with a white band, pure.


“I don’t hate the gold. I think it’s, you know, stunning, the gold. Oh, I love that, how it’s kind of different.”

Morgan Stewart Fitzpatrick

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Picture of Wedding Ring for Morgan Stewart, from Rich

Blues for the birthday boy @brendanfitzp

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Photos of the wedding rings that Morgan Stewart tried on, the Angelina wedding courtesy of Jean Dousset. It is $3,200.

Dorothy and her mother had dinner at II Pastaio in Beverly Hills

Dorothy Wang was really conflicted about what Morgan had been calling her. It got back to her she her friend had been calling her a Twinkie, which is a racial slur. Dorothy shared the story as to how she was upset after birthday due to Bianca’s over-the-top act of bringing a security guard to the party, and how Bianca thought that act was acceptable.

Bianca justified her actions by telling Dorothy that she had never said anything mean about her, and she had been a good friend to her (unlike Morgan). Then Dorothy told her mother about how she heard that Morgan had called her a Twinkie. Her mother warned Dorothy,  telling her that she should keep her distance from some people, but she advised Dorothy to go  to Morgan’s bachelorette party in Miami, anyway. She felt that her daughter should congratulate Morgan .

At Komodo Restaurant in Miami, Dorothy was not really feeling very festive while the other party guests talked about the plans for the rest of their stay in Miami. On the agenda was a daylong scavenger hunt on Ocean Drive.


Komodo Restaurant

Then at Dream, the South Beach hotel where Morgan was staying, EJ  Dorothy and friends decorated the room for the party. They toyed with such toys as a penis gun, hot pink boas, and various party hats.


Dream Hotel


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Next, the group went to The Sugar Factory for drinks and high-calorie food.

Our Mai Tai is just one of many great goblet drinks waiting for you at #sugarfactoryorlando

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Come to #SugarFactoryOrlando and try our ice creams and gelato flavor of the month – Cotton Candy!!!

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They discussed the rules for the Scavenger hunt. Later, they put their plans into motion, and Morgan gave a lap dance to a random guy, kissed another guy on the lips, had a guy show his tattoo on his butt, had another guy take off his underwear, and various other naughty but fun acts.

While Morgan was having a blast at her bachelorette party, Brendan was at Lift MD Aesthetics getting Botox, for his underarm sweat. Apparently, Botox helps to control over-sweat situations from armpits. Brendan didn’t want to sweat through his suit. So, this was a very necessary treatment.


Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang

Back in Miami, the bachelorette party crew dined at Miami Super Car Rooms. Dorothy was still unusually quiet, and hinted that she had a lot on her mind, because she had been getting a lot of hate from everywhere. She didn’t tell her about what Bianca had said until later in the episode. When she did tell her, Morgan was surprised and apologetic. It was a little more tense for the two during the bachelorette party at this point. Dorothy called Bianca and invited her to come down to Miami, since Bianca was spending an extra day there with EJ.

When Bianca arrived, Morgan was still there, and Morgan was ready to confront the girl. Morgan was upset that Bianca went back and repeated the slur to Dorothy. Morgan admitted that she sometimes says things off the cuff, just to be funny, but not to hurt anyone. This was the first time that she’d hurt someone like that. Dorothy felt that although Morgan said all of the right things to her in an apology, but she didn’t know if that was enough.

Dorothy softened towards Morgan, mostly because she isn’t the type of person to stay angry when she feels that someone is genuinely sorry. That rubbed Bianca the wrong way, because Bianca thought that Morgan was not Dorothy’s true friend.

Bianca and Dorothy got together at the Drunken Dragon in Miami. Bianca said that she to Miami to support Dorothy and she said that she needed a good friend. The Drunken Dragon is a little distant from Dream Hotel,  the home-base for the bachelorette festivities, but Morgan still showed up. Bianca expressed that it was hurtful that Dorothy was still going to be in Morgan’s wedding even though Morgan had treated her badly.

The Drunken Dragon

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills Travel Destination Focus: Komodo Restaurant

Komodo Restaurant was included in this week’s episode of the Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, and it’s a destination of interest on Somewhere Luxurious. Komodo focuses on Asian-inspired cuisine in its  massive 300-seat restaurant. In addition to the scrumptious selections like those shown below, try Komodo’s signature mains, like the 13-Grilled 13 Vegetable Salad, Wasabi Shrimp, and the Tuna Porterhouse.

Grilled Szechuan Beef


Sweet Soy Salmon

Chicken Skewer

‘Nutty Bar’ Dessert

Photos from Komodo Restaurant, courtesy of Komodo (