Izzy said that she wanted to get to know a newcomer to Paradise, Brett, also known as the lamp guy, because he brought a lamp straight from his hotel room to give to Andi when she was the Bachelorette.  Izzy took a look at him and wanted to maybe cook things down with Vinny, whom she had been dating on the show. Her actions shocked Vinny because the two of them had been the strongest couple on this season of Bachelor in Paradise, so far. Vinny told Izzy that he was leaving Paradise. He was so upset by her actions, that he decided to leave the show and go home.

Vinny and Izzy’s break-up caused the other couples to question their own relationships.  So then walks up Jade and Tanner. They found love on Season 2 of the Bachelor in Paradise. They had a date card and decided to give it to the couple that was most deserving. Carly wanted a date card for her and Evan so she could figure out her feelings for Evan.

Grant and Lace were the next couple to be interviewed. Lace relayed how Grant to her that he loves her, and she couldn’t say it back. Lace said that it wasn’t in her to say it. It was obvious that Grant had deeper feelings for Lace. She didn’t feel the same way for him. Seeing Jade and Tanner together made her question her relationship with Grant.

Josh wanted the date card, to spend more time with Amanda.  Tanner felt that Josh was “putting on too much” and wondered if he had ulterior motives.  Ashley really, really didn’t want Jade and Tanner to give the date card to Jared and Caila, but Tanner was glad that Jared finally found someone who made him smile.  Ashley went to talk to Jade and Tanner to try to sabotage Caila and Tanner. Ashley told them couple that Jared is more into Caila than she is into him. She called Caila a faker to try to take that couple out of the running for the date card.

Her plans didn’t work. Jared and Caila got the date card and went on a romantic dinner date that was similar to the one the Tanner and Jade went on when they fell in love. It rained, and since they were already wet, they stripped down and went on a swim.

Of course, Ashley was devastated that they went on the date, and tried to further sabotage Jared and Caila by telling Jared that Caila was not really that into him. Caila found out what Ashley said (Jared told her, but he thought it was innocent, not sabotage). Caila decided to have some words with Ashley, and told her that she didn’t like that Ashley talking foul about her to Jared.

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