On The Bachelor, Week 7, the women discussed Nick Viall’s emotional outburst and how he was upset that he wouldn’t find the woman of his dreams. Raven Gates was worried that he would throw in the towel. Vanessa Grimaldi said that she didn’t want Nick to bring the past hurt and fear into the show.

Nick told Chris Harrison that there was a million ways that the show won’t work out for him. Chris asked him if he was ready to quit and walk away and Nick said that part of him was ready.

Nick came and spoke with the women and told him that he was scared after sending Danielle Lombard home. He had the rug pulled out from under him, and he was replaying his thoughts  as to whether or not it was really going to work out for him.

They skipped the rose ceremony and cocktail party and left St. Thomas to travel to Bimini in the Bahamas by water plane. They stayed in a Villa at Resorts World Bimini.

Vanessa got the first date card.  It said,  “Vanessa, let’s go deeper…”

So, that was Vanessa’s second date, but Corinne Olympios hadn’t been on her first date.

Vanessa and Nick took a yacht ride and talked. He said that it seemed like he was scared and that he was afraid of forcing relationships. He was also afraid that if he forced relationships  on the show, he wouldn’t find his true love.  Back at the villa, Corrinne had some nasty comments about Vanessa’s character. She said that Vanessa was repetitive without any depth to her.  But back on the yacht, ­­­­­Vanessa said the wall that she built in St. Thomas had broken down.

The couple next went diving near a shipwreck. In one of the most romantic scenes on The Bachelor, they kissed underwater.

Vanessa planned that night to tell Nick that she was falling in love with him.

At their Bimini villa, Corinne, Kristina Schulman, and Raven received a card that said “Let’s jump in with both feet. (Rachel and Danielle’s names were not on the card).

That night, Vanessa and Nick dined at Big John’s Bar and Grill in Bimini. For Vanessa, it was her first time on a yacht, her first time jumping off a yacht, and snorkeling. They toasted to a lot more first times together. Then Vanessa spoke about her feelings and told Nick that she had not had these kinds of feelings in years. She told Nick that she felt confident and comfortable enough to tell him that she was falling in love with him, and they kissed.

But then Nick looked into her eyes and said that he had fallen in love before and had fallen in love in that environment before. He said that he really, really liked Vanessa and he only wanted to say ‘I love you to one person.  He didn’t say it to Vanessa that night.

If I’m lucky enough to say, ‘I love you’, I want to feel like in a way I’m saying it for the first time.

Nick Viall

The Bachelor

ABC/Mitch Haaseth

Raven, Kristina and Corinne went out on a huge yacht and went snorkeling. The plan was to swim with some sharks. They were not in a cage. Kristina was terrified and had to get back on the boat immediately. Nick comforted her,  and Corinne felt very insecure.


After their talk that night, Kristina felt that her relationship with Nick was solidified. Nick teared up when he talked about his misgivings from the week before.

During their time together on the date, Raven talked to Nick about her parents’ relationship. They had been married for a long time and they’re still in love.  She revealed that her father had recovered from cancer.

When it was Corinne’s turn to talk to Nick, she brought up that she hadn’t had a one-on-one date with him, and he reassured her that she had made the most of her time there during the group dates and the time he spent with her was valuable. She was still there, so she was doing something right.

Nick gave Raven the group rose. So, after the group date,  they ditched Corinne and Kristina. Raven and Nick slow danced on the beach to music from a live performer.

“Raven is getting a hometown and I’m just flabbergasted”, Corinne said.

Danielle M.’s notecard said “Let’s ride off into the sunset together”.

They rode bicycles around the island and sat and talked near the beach, or at least they tried to talk to each other. They seemed to have trouble talking to each other. It was all so awkward.

Rachel also wasn’t called for the group date; she had a one-on-one date.

When her date card was delivered to her back at the villa,  it said “Let’s get a taste of the local flavor.”

Meanwhile, Nick and Danielle M. had dinner at Resorts World that night. Danielle told Nick that her heart was open to him and she wanted to take on everything with him. She revealed that she wasn’t sure if she had felt that before. Nick said that he felt that he had a strong friendship with her and he didn’t see himself with her. He said in his confessional that the right thing to do was to say goodbye to her. He told Danielle M. that he didn’t think that his heart could get to that place.

“I’m sorry. You are just so great,” he said.

“Not great enough,” she replied.

As Danielle prepared to leave, she hoped that Nick would change his mind. She hoped that he would walk back through the door and say that he made a big mistake.

Even Corinne said that it hurt her heart that someone so sweet as Danielle M. was being sent home… but she added that she couldn’t envision the two of them together.

To try to win over Nick for the rose ceremony, Corinne decided to pay Nick a late night visit and turn on the “sex charm.”

“I know how to make a man feel good, because my heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum,” she said.

When she arrived to Nick’s room, he invited her in for a nightcap. They went in the bedroom together and closed the door, but told her to hold on, and that he didn’t think that it was a good idea. He asked Corrinne not to feel bad.

“Oh my God. This is so terrible. Tonight definitely didn’t go as I wanted it to.  I tried to do something nice and very cute for Nick and it just backfired. Everything went wrong, and now I’m really sad and self-conscious and nervous about me and Nick and our connection. I’m scared that I might be going home,” Corinne said.

For their one-on-one date Nick took Rachel to a local bar, a place that was known to have no tourists, with mostly visits from locales. Nick wanted to have a relaxed day with Rachel. Nick revealed that he was nervous about how her parents would receive him. Rachel mentioned that she had dated white guys but she had never brought home a white guy. She said that if she was bringing someone home it means something. Her parents would be skeptical of their relationship, but they know that she’s smart and makes good decisions.

Rachel was glowing after her date and Corinne felt that she was last on the totem pole and was going home that night. She was a wreck. Meanwhile Nick came into the house and said that he wanted to talk to Kristina.  He told her that he felt that there were stronger relationships in the house between himself and the other women. He didn’t want to wait and hope that something drastic would change between them. He said that he was afraid that he couldn’t give her the love that she could give him.  Later he indicated that it broke his heart that she thought that he didn’t see her for her great she is.

Even Rachel was crying that Kristina was sent home. Corinne still had misgivings that she would be sent home, too, because she figured that maybe Nick was going to send another woman home.


Photo of Bimini Beach by Pietro Valocchi

The Bachelor Filming Destination Focus: Resort World Bimini

The cast from The Bachelor stayed that Resort World Bimini. Nick was accommodated in suite 135 at the Hilton at Resort World and the women stayed in a oceanfront villa.

Nick’s suite has a large living room and bedroom, direct pool access, floor to ceiling windows and marble accents. The villa that the women stayed in overlooks the ocean and has a fully-equipped kitchen.  You can book Nick’s Resort World suite (suite 135).

Photo courtesy of Resort World Bimini (Filming Destination for The Bachelor Week 7)

Photo courtesy of Resort World Bimini (Filming Destination for The Bachelor Week 7)

Photo courtesy of Resort World Bimini (Filming Destination for The Bachelor Week 7)

Courtesy of Resort World Bimini (Filming Destination for The Bachelor Week 7)

Photo courtesy of Resort World Bimini (Filming Destination for The Bachelor Week 7)

Courtesy of Resort World Bimini

Photo courtesy or Resort World Bimini (Filming Destination for The Bachelor Week 7)