Week 8 marked the Hometown Visits of The Bachelor. The lucky bachelorettes who entertained Nick Viall during the hometown visits were Raven Gates, Rachel Lindsay, Corinne Olympios, and Vanessa Grimaldi.  With Corinne, Nick went shopping. Corinne even bought Nick an expensive suit from Tomas Maier.

Nick met with Corinne’s family, including her nanny, Racquel. Racquel had worked for Corinne’s family  for 17 years. Nick even ate a marinated olive and said it was the best that he’d ever tasted (although he looked like he was going to choke);

Photo by ABC/Jeff Daly of The Bachelor Hometown Visits

Nick went to Raven’s hometown in Hoxie, Arkansas. They went mudding with Raven driving. They also tried to climb a grain mill but they were unsuccessful with that one. Nick and Raven’s family got along very well. Her dad liked him, and Nick was able to share in the good news that Raven’s father was free from cancer. Nick asked Raven’s father for his blessings, just in case he chose her to marry.

Photo by ABC/Drew Cason

The Bachelor Hometown Visits

Photo by ABC/Drew Cason of The Bachelor Hometown Visits

Rachel took Nick to church in Dallas, Texas for her hometown visit. Her father was not present during the visit, because of work obligations. Nick tried his best to answer questions related to possibly being in an interracial relationship, but he came across as being a tad clueless. He knew that it would be challenging to date or maintain a happy marriage in America’s society. If he embarks in a relationship with Rachel, he will surely find out that the racial tensions are worse than he ever imagined. Rachel’s older sister is in an interracial relationship and they pretty much said that Nick could be in for a rude awakening.

The Bachelor Hometown Visits 2017

Photo by ABC/Bill Matlock of The Bachelor Hometown Visits

Photo by  ABC/Bill Matlock

Nick met up with Vanessa in Montreal, Canada and spent time with her class of special needs students. His date with Vanessa was slightly bumpy, because it was evident that they had not discussed some serious topics like where they would live and their future career plans. Nick asked Vanessa’s father for her hand in marriage, but before answering her father asked Nick if he’d asked the other fathers the same thing. The answer was “yes” and that didn’t look good at all. When Vanessa found out that Nick had asked the other fathers about their feelings about marrying their daughters, she didn’t feel so special, and it’s likely that some of her feelings about Nick had changed.

There was no rose ceremony on this episode but Andy Dorfman, one of the Bachelorette’s who turned Nick down was there.

Photo by ABC/Phillippe Bosse

Photo by ABC/Phillippe Bosse

Photo of Corinne and Nick by ABC/Jeff Daly