The Basketball Wives had a short girls trip to New York and its only right that we document the drama that went down in the big apple.  First, Shaunie and Evelyn went to the the Bronx. It was the first time that Shaunie had been in the Bronx, apparently.Evelyn seemed to enjoy showing her around her stomping grounds.

First, they headed to Mister Sports to look at some kicks. Mister Sports is next to Beautiful Brows, the threading salon.  Later that day, Evelyn and Shaunie went to a wig shop,  Circle Pizza & Restaurant (where they compared how to eat pizza, folded or bent, and that evening they ate at the Chester, an eatery/bar.

Jackie and Evelyn had bad blood between them. At this point, Jackie believed that Evelyn was trying to “buy into” her family and she was angry that Evelyn said that she needed to take care of her kids (better). Meanwhile, Jackie called Eveylyn’s daughter a “build a w_ _ _ _”.

Hazel and BJ (Bonnie Jill) joined Evelyn, Shaunie, and Tami at The Chester.  Evelyn tried to keep quiet and keep a low profile at the dinner table when Jackie and Saniy-yah showed up at the restaurant. There was some chit chat, but Jackie had to say her piece about their conflict.  Evelyn told Jackie that she didn’t like being called a b ***** in front of her daughter (during a previous gather). She said that should be the first and last time that she called her a b**** in front of her daughter.  Then the evening took a chaotic turn when Jackie mentioned the bit about Evelyn’s daughter being called a build a wh***.  Evelyn was infuriated.

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At the Sushi Roxx, Shaunie  Hazel, Evelyn, BJ and Hazel’s friend Ashley had a night out.  Ashley’s child’s father is NBA Player Lou Williams. Ashley explained that she and her man used to bring other women into their relationship, and one of the women became her man’s main squeeze. Saniy-ya slept with a guy that Ashley had been involved with. Ashley spilled the tea on Saniy-ya’s looks, she said that back in the day Saniy-ya was extremely thin and had no backside.  So, to cause some conflict or just to see what would happen, Hazel suggested that she bring Ashley to Saniy-ya’s going away party.

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Tami, BJ and Jackie, meanwhile, went out to Minus 5 Ice Bar. Of course, all of the dirt about Saniy-ya was repeated. The place is freezing but beautiful. Later that night they all went to Saniy-ya’s going away party at Philippe, by Philippe Chow. Jackie rode up in a pedi cab.

Jackie told Saniy-ya that Hazel was bringing Ashley. Saniy-ya asked Hazel to leave, she said that she didn’t feel that Hazel had to leave, and Hazel said she didn’t know why. Everyone was there, and Saniy-ya went for her. This was a problem, because Tami and Hazel are friends. Hazel and Ashely tried to get at Saniy-ya and as Jackie said, it was two baby monkeys trying to attack Saniy-ya (who is King Kong). Hazel is Tami’s niece.  She feels so fondly for her, and that made Tami unhappy with Saniy-ya.

Travel Destination Sportlight: Sushi Roxx

The women from the Basketball Wives had dinner at Sushi Roxx,, which has sushi of all different flavors and textures.  Sushi rolls on the dinner menu range from $16 to $28. The most expensive sushi roll on the dinner menu is the rock lobster BLT served with steamed lobster, avocado, bacon lettuce and cherry tomato.

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