The crowds have died down a bit at the Old Lady Gang Restaurant (but the weekdays are usually less crowded than the weekends, anyway). This restaurant is made famous by the Real Housewives of Atlanta, its owners Kandi Burruss and Todd Burruss, and Kandi’s restaurants for whom the restaurant is named, Aunt Nora, Aunt Bertha,  and Mama Joyce (Kandi’s mother).

Old Lady Gang Restaurant is located at 177 Peters Street Southwest in Atlanta, Ga in the  Castleberry Hill neighborhood. The phone number to the restaurant is 404.692.4407 .  Parking is in the rear of the restaurant. Drive slowly down Peters Street near the restaurant, and you will see a black metal gate with a narrow driveway (one way in, one way out) leading to the parking lot. Parking was $10  during our visit. My friend Sonja and I visited on a weekday, Wednesday, July 12, 2017.

From the parking lot, you will enter through a large brown door at the rear of the restaurant. Go up a flight of stairs and enter the main dining area. The downstairs area is a jazzy setting area with a bar. Sonja and I were seated immediately. The restaurant was sunny and casual, comfortable, not too crowded at all.  As soon as I arrived I saw Aunt Bertha (Bertha Jones) one of the original members of the Old Lady Gang, chatting with guests with a large, friendly smile on her face. That was the first of many positives at Old Lady Gang Restaurant.

The Food at Old Lady Gang

We were both hungry, so the complimentary cornbread was more than welcomed.

We both ordered the crab cakes. I’m so glad that we didn’t share the order, and we both ordered our own. They were crispy on the outside. The texture was spot-on, and the inside was full of delicious crab meat. It didn’t have too much bread like other crab cakes that I’ve tried. Sonja said that they were the best crab cakes that she ever had.

I ordered the shrimp and grits for my meal. I was definitely expected fried shrimp, but these were okay. The grits were the winner, though! They were creamy and kind of buttery. Delicious!

Sonja had the salmon and beans. She said that she liked the touch of sweetness in the salmon and the texture was right on point.

We had a wonderful time at Old Lady Gang restaurant. The food was absolutely fantastic. The service was good. Our server was conscientious, always checking on us. Even Aunt Nora gave us a bag to carry our leftovers home in.


I asked Aunt Nora if they get tired of coming out to the restaurant and meeting the guests, and she assured me that she doesn’t get tired. “I get plenty of rest before I come, and plenty of rest after I go, too,” she told me.

Aunt Bertha was so sweet. She advised the hostess on how to take our picture. Apparently, she has a camera like mine, and she kept saying that the light had to be right. Sonja and I stood at every angle outside until she finally said that there was just too much light! We got a lot of good shots of ourselves at the OLG, though.