The premiere of Basketball Wives LA, Season 6 kicked off with Evelyn in L.A. preparing for The Real. Evelyn Lozada is engaged to Carl Crawford a former baseball player, and they have a 3-year-old son together and trying to have another child. Evelyn and Shaunie McNeal had a talk about Evelyn’s past issues with Tami Roman.

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Tami is a firecracker and Evelyn is a match,

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Meanwhile, Jackie Christie and her daughter Chantel looked at an apartment, and Jackie explained how her other daughter TaKari’s son (Jackie’s grandson) got burned at daycare and Evelyn donated the full amount to help Jackie’s son through a Go Fund Me account. TaKari didn’t want to ask Jackie for the money.

Since Evelyn had her talk with Evelyn, it was now time for her to chat with Tami. Naturally, Shaunie told Tami that Evelyn was in town, and Tami said that if Evelyn apologized, she’d “think about” being okay with her again. So, to move the process along, and to serve as a setting the reality TV drama yet to come, Shaunie decided to have a 70s party.

Then at the District, restaurant and bar Jackie and Tami chatted about the 70s party and Evelyn’s $3,500 contribution to Jackie’s grandson. Jackie was ready. She said that if Evelyn came at her in a way that was not positive, she wasn’t going to tolerate it.. Tami was irritated about an interview that Evelyn had done years early. When asked about her having any interaction with Tami, Evelyn said that she would never have Tami as a friend. Tami said that she tried to contact Evelyn but was blocked on her social media accounts.

At the Areal Restaurant in Santa Monica, Shaunie met up with Keonna Green the ex-girlfriend of Nick Young, who plays for L.A. Keonna hadn’t been with Nick, officially for two years, but they had a baby together while he was dating Iggy Azalea. Keonna claimed that Iggy knew that Nick was still seeing her. Keonna and Nick have two children together. Shaunie told Keonna that she needs to reinvent herself and learn from the experience.

So, then it was time for the big 70s party. Evelyn showed up to the party, located at Couture and greeted Tami, but when she tried to hug and kiss her, Tami backed away. But then Jackie intervened (she had a flight to Chicago, leaving that night). She confronted Evelyn about giving her daughter/grandson the money to pay for his burn treatment. Jackie made it clear that her daughter didn’t need help, because she has a mother and a father to help her.

Evelyn said that she decided out of the kindness of her heart to help TaKari, so it wasn’t done maliciously or for publicity. Jackie’s final verdict was that Evelyn didn’t mean any harm.

After Evelyn and Jackie cleared the air, Tami had her chance to have a sit-down with Evelyn and talk to her about their beef. Tami explained that after she saw the distasteful interview that Evelyn had done, she tried to reach out to her by calling her. All of Evelyn’s numbers were changed. She tried to contact Evelyn through friends. That didn’t work. She reached out to her through social media, and couldn’t get through.

Evelyn was angry because she felt that Tami went from 0 to 1000 “with the whole Kenny thing”. The perception was that he was married. Tami contended that Evelyn slept with Kenny when he was married AND called her a non mother f—kin’ factor when she was THE wife.

While Evelyn tried to clear up the timeline, Tami wanted Evelyn to apologize and be done with it. That didn’t happen.

The next day, Tami and Shaunie met at Flower Child, a health food spot. Tami played a video of the interview that Evelyn was in for Shaunie. In it, Evelyn was saying that they do not text or speak with each other and that Tami was not someone that she’d like to have in her life.

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Shaunie wanted to know why did Evelyn insist that she didn’t sleep with Kenny while he was married to Tami and Tami said that Evelyn wanted to prove to the world that she was a changed person when she hadn’t changed.

You’ve been with three different guys in three different sports in six years.  That [BLEEP] been ran through.

Tami Roman

Basketball Wives LA

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Shaunie laughed over what Tami had said about Evelyn having been with ball players from three different leagues. She questioned whether or not she should have been laughing because Evelyn was still her friend.