On part two, of Week 3 of the Bachelorette 2016, which aired at 8 pm Eastern Time on June 7, 2016 on ABC, Chad used reverse psychology, and said that Evan pushed him, and that’s why he got physical with the guy.

So, he said that he would not bother anyone if they didn’t bother him. JoJo really liked Jordan. She said that she wasn’t sure if he was into her the way she was into him. JoJo revealed that she gets nervous around Jordan, because he seemed to be so good and so smooth. Jordan admitted that he was developing feelings for JoJo and it was difficult for him to be open. It takes time, he said.

Chad overheard Derek talking about him to JoJo, and Chad wondered out loud why he was usually the topic of conversation among the guys. Chad warned Derek not to talk about him, and Derek told him that if JoJo asked him about Chad, he’ll tell her what he said.

Christian, Ali, Nick B. didn’t get a rose, during the rose ceremony. They were sent home during week 3 of the Bachelorette.  Chad did get a rose.


Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

The group went to Pennsylvania and were accommodated at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

The fellas took jeeps to Arden Estates, where they were going to stay. Luke got the one-on-one with JoJo, and they went on a dog sled ride. They were going to get into a romantic wood-fire tub, but Luke had to chop the wood, first. They stripped down to their bathing suits, and prepared to get in, but when JoJo put her toe in, she pulled back quickly, because the water was too hot.

A gentlemen, Luke helped JoJo get into the hot tub when the water cooled off, and she expressed that she wanted to know much more about this bachelor.

Meanwhile, Chad was back at the house thinking out loud that JoJo was going to leave his date until last, just to make sure that she didn’t like any of the other guys.

On the next date card was Derek, James T., Daniel, Chase, Wells, James F. Evan, Grant, Jordan, and Robbie were on the group date. Alex and Chad were on the two on one date.

Then JoJo and Luke went to the Supper Club to eat. She said that she had the best time with Luke. During their date, Luke shared some details about his life.  Luke was in a leadership position in the military. He learned that one of his best friends from home was killed in Afghanistan. After JoJo gave Luke the rose and said that Luke perfectly fits what she wants in a man, she walked Luke to another building with hundreds of screaming fans. They slow danced on stage while Dan + Shay serenaded them.

The Bachelorette 2016

Bachelorette 2016 Network. (ABC/Donald Rager)

For the group date, the guys played football with professional football legends. They were aggressive beyond belief. James Taylor had blood gushing out of his head. The guys were divided into teams, the blue team and the white team. The blue team was clearly the underdog with James Taylor, Evan, and Derek (who was also injured) on it. However, this time the underdogs were victorious. Chase was extremely upset that his team didn’t win the time with JoJo.

Bachelorette 2016

THE BACHELORETTE –  ABC Television Network. (ABC/Donald Rager)

Bachelorette 2016 JoJo Fletcher

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JoJo and Jordan spent some time together and JoJo mentioned that he was extremely hard to read, but Jordan was still having a hard time opening up. He finally shared with her that he was falling for her. JoJo said that the group date with the guys was one of the best days of her life, and she gave the rose to Jordan.

Next, Chad and Alex got their date card. They had the expected two-on-one date. Every time anyone said anything to Chad there was some sort of a confrontation. He asked who had a problem with him, and all of the guys raised their hands. Alex promised that after their date, the problem with Chad was going to go away permanently.

Alex told JoJo about how he threatened the other guys in the house and how he is a different person in the house than when he is around her. JoJo seemed to believe Alex when she heard that Chad had threatened Jordan and said that he was going to find him after the show ends and beat him. JoJo told Chad that she gave him a second chance, and she was definitely irritated. What did Chad say? He said that he didn’t fight anyone, he just threatened them so they would be quiet.

Needless to say, JoJo figured out that Chad was not the nice guy that she thought he was, and she dismissed him promptly during the two-on-one date. Everyone was relieved that Chad was gone. But at the end of the episode, they heard him knocking on the door.


The Bachelorette 2016 Travel Accommodation Focus: Nemacolin Woodlands Resort

JoJo  Fletcher and the bachelors from the Bachelorette 2016 made their way to Pennsylvania in the fourth episode of the show. They were accommodated at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.




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