On Paros Beach in Naxos, Greece the Tilted models had wrapped up their photo shoot, on the Below Deck Mediterranean episode that aired at 9 p.m. Eastern Time May 24, 2016 on BRAVO,  but Love Sick Danny Zureikat was still kissing Morgan, the Tilted Kilt model whom he had become infatuated with. Danny said that he knew that he was doing something wrong, but he didn’t want to miss out on an opportunity to connect with her. Jen Riservato saw Danny holding Morgan close and turned a blind eye. She comes from a family of Italians and knew better than to snitch on anyone.


Ben Robinson admitted that Hannah Ferrier and he was doing well, and they had a connection.  The men on the ship (except Captain Mark Howard of course) were asked to go shirtless and wear only a black tie when they served the guests sushi that evening. Hannah and Tiffany Copeland were still getting along better. Hannah was past the desire to backhand her Tiffany, which was definitely a step in the right direction.

Since she is the chief stewardess, Hannah had the incredibly tough job of oiling Bobby Giancola down before the evening meal. It was unnecessary, but certainly a fun job.



“Bobby is so nice to look at. He’s one of those men that you can just sit with a cup of tea and just observe, and you’d be happy til you’re like 100,” Hannah explained. When Tiffany got a look at Bobby wearing nothing but pants and his bow tie, she felt that the blonde hot-guy was definitely her type.


Things went awry at the special sushi dinner/birthday celebration that the crew planned, because Morgan became overwhelmed by the vast amount of fish and ended up crying in another room.


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“I guess that the drunker you get the more vegetarian you become, “Ben rationalized.

Danny, hating that Morgan was upset sat down to write a poem for Morgan. Bobby saw him and told him sharply that they didn’t have time to write poetry. They both had work to do. Bobby told Danny, a deckhand with less experience yachting, to get back to work, and Danny refused. So, Bryan Kattenburg got involved which was a problem. Danny wasn’t supposed to have any connections with guests at all.


The Tilted Kilt Calendar Girls on Below Deck Mediterranean

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Even Captain Mark came to talk to Bobby, Bryan and Danny, and solve the conflict.  As soon as he heard the story, the captain ordered Danny not to give the guest any poems and not to pursue anything with her. Basically, as a deckhand, his job was to clean the ship and bring her drinks.

To make matters worse, Danny started talking to the guests about what had happened, which made matters worse. He was saying Danny began talking about how he makes moments for guests and he refused to be changed. Danny took his insubordination a step further. He gave Morgan the poem, although he was not to.

He admitted it to Bryan and Bobby. Bryan was livid, and Danny was ordered to stay in his room. Danny was not allowed on deck and was ordered to remain in his room, so he was not allowed to say goodbye to the guests. He was also not allowed to get his tip. The Tilted Kilt group tipped crew $20,000 for their service.

Bobby really liked Julia’s looks and her attitude, but she had a boyfriend. Everyone began chatting about the incident between Danny, Morgan and the note. Those who voiced their opinions said that Danny should be fired. Even Bryan thought that Danny should be canned, but that decision was for the Captain to make.

There was a problem docking the ship, too much high wind. Jen wanted to pull her weight and more. She was annoyed that she was not getting the important work that she knew that she could do. The wind kept pushing the boat off of the dock, so they decided to anchor the Ionian Princess; a boat was sent for the guests.

Ben expressed his attraction for Tiffany again. He liked that she was so ladylike. His feelings were problematic, because Hannah liked Ben, and in the not so distant past, she was angry with Tiffany, because she felt the woman was not working hard enough.

Danny was upset. He couldn’t say goodbye to Morgan, but he cheered up quickly when he learned that she left a note for him. The note demonstrated how he had made the cruise meaningful for Morgan and the other Tilted Kilt girls.

Finally, the captain had a talk with Danny. Danny explained that he felt that it was ok to write the poem for  Morgan, but he knew it was wrong to give her the note after the Captain told him not to do it.

The Captain told him that he was in the wrong profession if he always felt the need to lift people up when they felt down or if he had to form personal connections with passengers. Danny’s actions made him lose the respect of the crew members, and Danny lost the captain’s respect.

“I can’t have somebody on my team that I can’t trust, and I can’t trust you,” Captain Mark said sternly.

Danny begged the captain to allow him to keep his job, and the captain allowed him to stay, after warning that he had two strikes against him. First, Danny brought women back to the boat, and then he gave Morgan the note when he was told not to. After the third strike, he would definitely lose his job.

“Prove to me that you are trustworthy, or I’m sending you home,” Captain Mark warned.

Bobby had gotten into trouble for being instrumental in bringing the women back to the ship with Danny, so Bobby and Danny were assigned an additional watch together.

In another part of the Ionian Princess, Hannah and Julia chatted while tidying one of the cabins together. Hannah revealed that part of her wanted to get married, but the other part didn’t think that marriages work. Hannah’s parents divorced when she was 10 years old, and she felt the divorce played a part in her own feelings.

Outside, Tiffany offered to help with the lines, since Danny was not allowed on the deck. She had gotten permission from Hannah to help out. Bobby remarked that Tiffany did a pretty good job.

Although Bryan believes in moving on and moving forward, when it comes to Danny, he indicated that it would take a miracle for him to forgive him. Bobby and Danny stayed on the ship and were ordered to inventory all of the safety equipment while the other crew members went on shore for some fun.

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The crew went ashore to Old Town, Naxos, Greece and they headed to Apostolis Traditional Greek Tavern, where they ordered wine and food.

Meanwhile, Danny and Bobby couldn’t find any of the safety equipment onboard, because they were looking at the 2005 safety plan. It took them a while to figure it out.

Back in the town, the crew laughed and joked with each other, and went out to Naxos Swing Cocktail Bar for drinks. They thought about their crew mates, and toasted Bobby and Danny.

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After they finished the safety checks, Danny was busy making a doggy origami for Jen’s room, since he knew that she was missing her family.

Ashore, Bryan was tipsy, and talked freely about how sexy the crew was; he flirted with Tiffany. He flirted with her a lot, which was ok with Tiffany since she liked Bryan, anyway. Hannah revealed to Bryan how much she liked Ben (but Ben thought that Tiffany was cute).

When they returned to the ship, Jen was touched by the pictures of her family and the doggy origami that Danny placed on her bed. He had regained her trust, at least. Now Danny had to work on the other crew members.

Hannah and Ben hugged in the kitchen, and Hannah took the opportunity to stroke Ben’s bare back. Ben had doubts about starting anything with Hannah. He still was interested in Tiffany.

Bryan liked Tiffany, too. She was chill and didn’t seem to get emotionally caught up. Bryan thought that Tiffany seemed to be satisfied with a casual fling. So, Bryan and Tiffany got cozy in Bryan’s bunk, but who showed up? Ben, and he wasn’t too happy. He told Tiffany to get out, because he wasn’t in high school.

Below Deck Mediterranean Travel Destination Focus: Naxos Swing Cocktail Bar


Naxos Swing Cocktail Bar offers guests a fun place a fun place to relax. It has sweeping views of the sea. Guests go there to drink their choice of cocktails and hear an eclectic mix of funk, soul, reggae, house, pop, disco, freestyle, swing and more.


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BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Bobby Giancola, Danny Zureikat, Jen Riservato, Bryan Kattenburg, Mark Howard, Tiffany Copeland, Ben Robinson, Hannah Ferrier, Julia D’Albert-Pusey — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)