The Below Deck episode They Hate Us Because They Ain’t Us episode picked up where last week’s episode left off. Hannah was pushed too far by the rowdy passengers on Captain Mark Howard didn’t come down too hard on Hannah Ferrier after the guests complained about her on Below Deck Mediterranean. He figured that there was just a personality conflict. Julia was having differences with Chef Ben Robinson.  Hannah was worried that Julia would find out what it was like to work closely with Ben. While the other crew members were working, Daniel watched bikini clad guests, pose in bikinis.

I would be a different perspective if Daniel was a great deckhand and good at his job, and was a ‘yes man’. Then I would just think that he was just overly friendly with the guests, and he could work on that aspect of being a deckhand. But no.


Below Deck Mediterranean , They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us Recap

The guests complained that there was no one to serve them on the deck, but then Julia showed up and explained that she was cleaning up from breakfast.

The blonde girl hated us,” one of the female guests said. “Yeah, she definitely hated us,” another guest answered. “They hate us because they ain’t us”

The guests kept Julia on her toes. Every time she went to bring something to her, they asked for something else. Hannah complained about how dirty the guests had left the rooms

The ship docked at Old Harbor Mykonos in the Cyclades Islands.

Daniel asked the captain if he might have another opportunity to prove that he could be responsible with is cell phone. The captain agreed.

Danny Zureikat, (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo

What I learned is that everything is negotiable in life.


Below Deck Mediterranean, They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us Recap

Deckhand Bobby Giancola and First Mate Bryan Kattenburg weren’t too pleased about Captain Mark’s change of heart.

The guests headed to Gallery Cocktail Bar for drinks and chatted about such things as who would win an accent battle between Hannah and Julia.

Everyone thinks that the yachting industry is so glamorous, but the reality is that you are doing 16 hours a day. I don’t know how many more charters I’ve got left in me.


Below Deck Mediterranean, They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us Recap

Jesse the main guest, wanted croissants, but there were none on the ship, so Julia made it her mission to get some. She asked Bryan if he could go out on shore and buy some croissants from a local bakery. The other guests settled for breakfast burritos until they could get the croissants. Julia was very happy that she was able to get a breakfast croissant for the guest, Jesse.

As the deckhands prepared the ship for departure, Bryan had a little something to say about their work with the ropes.

Jen and Daniel are like farts in the wind. They’re lost, but you smell them.


Below Deck Mediterranean, They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us Recap

Ben thanked Bryan for the croissant, and Julia overheard him. The two of them had a spat about when the rest of the croissants were going to be served. Ben said that he thought they were to be a snack for later, and Julia said that she wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of arranging to get the croissants if they were for later.

Ben calmly tried to explain what she’d said earlier, that the guests would have breakfast burritos for breakfast and eat the croissants later (since it would take a while to get them onboard the ship).

Julia ended up crying in her room, probably more from frustration or tiredness than anything. During her confessional, Julia said that there was a socioeconomic division between them. Julia was from Leeds, a working class area in Northern England and Ben was from a posh area of the South of England.

I don’t know if Ben looks down on me for being from Leeds, although in general, maybe Ben is a bit condescending.


Below Deck Mediterranean, They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us Recap

Julia told Hannah that Ben was the type of guy that she’d avoid at all costs.

The captain explained to Hannah that he needed a stewardess to help with the guests during the ATV trip that the guests wanted to take. Jen had to stay on the boat and look after the tender, while Danny, Bryan and Bobby drove.

Julia and Ben talked, while most of the others were on shore. Julia explained how she helped get the croissants on the ship and Ben poo-pooed on the whole idea. Ben said that he didn’t know anything about how she had been instrumental in securing the pastries. He thought that Julia had lost her mind when she came into the kitchen and argued over the food.

Then, Julia talked about how she felt that Ben was arrogant and treaded her badly because of where she was from. Ben felt that Julia might be over tired and was just taking her frustrations out on him.

“When someone makes you feel stupid, I hate that trait in someone,” Julia said.

I just don’t feel right about what Jules thinks I am,” Ben said.

Ben’s father is Patrick Robinson, a self-made man and a best-selling author. Ben used to play sports with Prince William and Harry. As a youth, Ben lived an ultra privileged life, but he didn’t want to rest on his laurels. That was why he left England.

Daniel laughed and was extremely friendly with the guests. He slipped the girl that he drove around his phone number. When they got back on the ship, the captain asked specifically how Danny did. Bobby said that he was his usual self, over-friendly.

I’m actually way more sensitive than people think, and that actually affects me.

Ben Robinson

Below Deck Mediterranean, They Hate Us Cuz They Ain't Us Recap

Daniel showed off the picture of the tilted kilt model, who got him in hot water with his phone.

Ben, still upset that Julia considered him to be a posh southerner, talked out his feelings to Hannah.

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN — Season:1 — Pictured: (l-r) Bobby Giancola, Danny Zureikat, Jen Riservato, Bryan Kattenburg, Mark Howard, Tiffany Copeland, Ben Robinson, Hannah Ferrier, Julia D’Albert-Pusey — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Santorini by Danel Solabarrieta