Dorinda Medley and Jules shopped at Jonathan Adler All of the cliques had something to say about last week’s argument at Dorinda’s and John Mahdessian’s  party on the Real Housewives of New York City episode that aired at 9 p.m. Eastern Time on May 25, 2016 on Bravo. There was even a write-up about it in the newspaper.

Bethenny Frankel was having a gift exchange at her house, and Ramona Singer was going. Dorinda said that she wasn’t going to engage with Ramona. She was going to stay away from her. The group exchanged Christmas gifts and laughed together at the thigh master gift that Dorinda bought for Bethenny.


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Dorinda broke down, because she felt an overall since of sadness and fear in her life. Dorinda suggested that she spend time alone.

At the Hunt & Fish Club NYC Luann de Lesseps and Sonja met up to talk. Sonja complained that she rarely sees Luann although they were living together. Luann explained that she dated Rey a couple of times, and she stopped talking to him. Luann did have a short sexual relationship with him. When Luann saw Rey at the party, she felt uncomfortable and left, so Sonja and Ramona started to talk with Rey.


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Back at Bethenny’s caviar party, Ramona told her version of the story. She said that she and Sonja were talking to Rey and John came over, and said Rey had to leave. Then she said that Dorinda came and overreacted about everything.

Jules Wainstein told the truth in her interview. She said that Luann left, because she was uncomfortable with the guy she had a nasty split with making an appearance at the party. Suddenly, Dorinda came in, and the story telling at Bethenny’s came to an end.

Luann was dating a new guy, Tom, but she didn’t want to tell the other women about  him, especially since Ramona Singer dated her guy in the past.

Then, Dorinda and Sonja Morgan went walking together. Sonja asked Dorinda, what did she think about fight at Dorinda’s party (that aired in the previous episode). Sonja opened up to Dorinda about her friendship with Ramona. Sonja felt that their friendship was unstable. Sometimes she was fine with her. Sometimes she criticized her.

Dorinda suggested Sonja not attend her weekend gathering at the Berkshires. Dorinda it seems, wanted to protect Sonja from the other girls, because they liked to gang up on Sonja. Dorinda tried to sweeten the news by saying that she would spend one-on-one time with Sonja (while keeping Sonja away from the drinking and the other women, including Bethenny Frankel).

At the Empire Steakhouse, Tom, Luann, Dorinda and Jules, had dinner together, and Luann showed off her boyfriend, Tom this small group, because she felt they would be supportive of her. The group had a laugh about Ramona and gossiped about what a trouble maker she was and how she’d apologize for her misdeeds at the drop of a hat.


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Tom explained how he first met Luann. They talked over the phone, and Tom thought that Luann had an attractive voice. John asked if the phone was moist when Tom spoke to Luann the first time, which made everyone pause and try to figure out what Tom was talking about. The credit went to Dorinda for her matchmaking skills the happy couple. Dorinda called Tom the male version of Luann, and Luann was the female version of Tom.

Meanwhile, Dorinda was busy making preparations for Christmas. Dorinda invited Ramona, because she had known her for a long time, and she respected her, not because she was getting along with her.

Ramona found out who Luann had been dating, and she was certain that she had dated the man herself. Of course she was annoyed that Luann didn’t tell her that she was dating Tom.

Ramona was not cool with Carol.

They argued over whether or not it was acceptable not to invite Sonja. Bethenny was going to be there, and Bethenny was highly irritated at Sonja. Not too long after she arrived at Dorinda’s house, Bethenny blurted out that Luanne was dating Ramona’s ex. Luann told the group that she was staying with Sonja to help her, because Sonja was all over the place. Bethenny thought that was extremely funny, because she alluded to the fact that Luann couldn’t control her own life.

“It’s the blind leading the deaf,” Bethenny said. “You’re her mentor? That’s rich!”

Luann and Bethenny had a huge argument about who came up with the Skinny Girl idea, which is Bethenny’s business for protein bars and shakes.  Bethenny said that she told Luann the idea and Luann told everyone that it was her who had the idea for Skinny Girl.


<h3>Travel Destination Focus for the Real Housewives of New York: Hunt and Fish Club of NYC</h3>

The Hunt & Fish Club Manhattan is 180-seat steakhouse  that was founded in 2014. Entrees included Maine Lobster, lemon chicken.and Brooklyn Style pork choips.


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Enjoy your day… The night will come. That day will be gone, what's done is done.

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