Below Deck fans were treated to the premiere of the show’s spin-off, Below Deck Mediterranean, which aired on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 on BRAVO.

Here’s a run-down of the cast:

  • Mark Howard. the Captain, with a 30-year long career was born in Michigan
  • Bryan Kattenburg,is  the First Mate from California
  • Hannah Ferrier, Chief Steward from Australia
  • Bobby Giancola is the 6-foot-5 inch deckhand, from Florida, self-proclaimed playboy and a muscular hottie and a fireman. He also likes Star Trek, Star Wars and 80s music
  • Tiffany Copeland  is a deckhand and a scientist from Florida
  • Danny Zureikat is the young deckhand from Orlando with only about six months of experience
  • Julia d’Albert Pusey, hails from the UK; she is the second steward with the last name that people like to pronounce to sound like an obscene word
  • Jen Riservato is a deckhand, from Long Island, New York; with seven years of experience, she is more experienced than the guys
  • Ben Robinson the Chef from the original Below Deck is back.

Ben Robinson was happy to cruise the Mediterranean and appreciated the challenge of serving discerning European guests. The new ship, the Ionian Princess sailed in Naxos Greece in the Cyclades Islands. As in previous years, the Below Deck crew will take wealthy guests to different destinations in the Mediterranean throughout the season.

Hannah from Below Deck Mediterranean

BELOW DECK MEDITERRANEAN — Season:1 — Pictured: Hannah Ferrier — (Photo by: Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

This year’s cast is both sexy and colorful. They are an eclectic mix of crew from America and Europe. Chief Stewardess Hannah, from Sydney, Australia,  introduced herself and said, “When we are on charter, it’s perfect or it’s nothing. Off-charter, I could shake my booty with the best of them.”

She is an experienced and has worked all over the Mediterranean for the last five years. Ben admired Hannah silently as they talked in the kitchen. In his interview, he said that she was eye-candy.

Like Hannah and Ben, Bryan is also quite experienced. Before joining Below Deck Mediterranean and the Ionian Princess, he worked on various other yachts. When he began, though, he didn’t know a poop hole from a porthole.

As they prepared the Ionian Princess for its guests, the crew realized that they had a lot of work to do, and the women commented on the decor. “It’s like Lberace’s gone mad and vomited all over the boat,” Julia said.

Hannah sat and conferred with her staff. She said that the stewardess must go to bed 8 hours before they get up. They should wear their hair up. Wash the towels at 90 degrees.

The guests for this voyage are Christine Bullock an organic skincare line owner, her husband, and another couple. Christine, had the physique of a fitness model, and was the primary guest, which meant that they must do all they can do to please her.  One of the main must-have requests or the guests is to watch a Steelers game that’s scheduled for 3 .a.m. during their trip.







For their first meal, Ben prepared a special Greek dish, cheese fried in brandy, flambe. They also had Mousakka, ground lamb, ground eggplant, cinnamon, tomato and cheese, which Ben explained to Hanna, when she asked for his menu. The guests didn’t like it at all. It’s a very heavy dish.”  and  “I  don’t want any of that,” were the comments from the unhappy guests.

Ben smoothed everything over with dessert. He incorporated the flavors of the guest’s skin care line in the dessert. On the menu was green tea panna cotta, and coconut caramel and coffee ice cream. The table of guests cheered. “I like the panna cotta,” one guest said. “The green tea is good,” another remarked. Ben walked away, satisfied.

Jen got in trouble because she wasn’t on deck at the 6 a.m. Danny agreed that he wouldn’t tell that she didn’t arrive at 6:40 a.m. if Bryan didn’t ask him. Danny was asked about it. He didn’t snitch, but he didn’t lie either.

“I think it is ungodly that I was chosen to wake up at 6 a.m. If the task is completed, it’s completed, it doesn’t matter what time I’m going to the bathroom or where I am,” Jen said.

Hannah was going a little stir-crazy, trying to figure how to show a Steelers game in Europe at 3 a.m. Every pub that she visited that would have a TV wouldn’t show the Steelers football game at 3 a.m. She knew that the staff’s tips were at risk… Hannah’s plan was to go into town and try to throw some money at someone to get the game shown.