The confrontation between Tommie and Tiarra at Elleven45 Lounge erupted when Tommie revealed her identity as Scrapp DeLeon’s girlfriend in the episode that aired at 8 p.m. on April 11, 2016 on VH1. Tommie asked the unsuspecting Tiarra when did she have the time to be a mother to her and Scrapp’s son. Tiarra has two jobs. She works for a financial firm and as a waitress at Mansion Elan Night Club in Brookhaven, a luxurious two-story club in metro Atlanta. Tommie’s questions touched a nerve with Tiarra.

Tommie made it clear that she was Scrapp’s lady and his nights were spent with her.  A fight ensued, with Tommie striking Tiarra as she said, “Let me tell you about Tommie.” Meanwhile, Mimi Faust was upset, because the fight took place at the white party/birthday party that she organized for her new girlfriend Chris Gould.

“This was a really big night for Chris and I, and it was completely ruined by two hoodrats that I didn’t even invite to the party,” Mimi said.

In a short scene in Mimi’s apartment, Chris and Mimi talked to Ariane about their relationship Chris said that she identifies as a male, so Mimi felt that she was in a relationship with a masculine figure.

Rasheeda and Kirk

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s relationship is in a good place, but Rasheeda complained that they were all living in a small apartment, the same apartment that Kirk secured behind Rasheeda’s back. The condo was to be his own little crash pad. The couple was waiting for the construction on their home to be completed, and they decided to move out of their previous home.

Rasheeda filled Kirk in on the events at the party and she told him how Momma Dee paid a visit to her Pressed store in Buckhead. Momma Dee was angry because Rasheeda didn’t go to court for Scrappy and support him in his child support case with Erica Dixon, the mother of his child. Rasheeda was filming a scene for the Rosewood TV show. Kirk was annoyed that Momma Dee made a scene in Pressed. Momma Dee had put a small nest in the middle of the store and told Rasheeda’s mother that she had gave birth to a dirty egg.

Yung Joc and Scrappy

To  get to the bottom of the situation, Kirk decided to interrupt Scrappy’s business, by popping in during Scrappy and Yung Joc’s model search at Haven. Scrappy and Yung Joc decided to team up and become partners in a talent/modeling agency for women. Yung Joc couldn’t help but flirt with Scrappy’s assistant, Ashley.

Tiarra and Scrapp

Tiarra made a visit to Street Execs Studio to show Scrapp the damage that Tommie did. Tiarra’s finger was in a cast and she was bruised. Tiarra also wanted confront Scrapp for putting her in the middle of conflict with Tommie. Tiarra threatened to keep pson away from him until he corrects the situation. Tiarra made it clear that she didn’t want Tommie around her son. She was livid that Tommie had spent time with him.

Then Tiarra asked the question of all questions. She asked Scrapp if he was having relations with Tommie, and he said Yes.

Meanwhile, Tammy, Mimi and Rasheeda attended a fashion show to benefit breast cancer research and breast cancer patients. D. Smith, a transgender woman caught Tammy’s eye, due to her lean look and style. Miami, Tammy and Rasheeda met at the Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe in Midtown Atlanta. Tammy thought that D. Smith looked like musical diva and actress Grace Jones. Tammy wanted D. Smith to model for her clothing line. Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe serves tea, coffee and has a full bakery and cake menu.

At the Revelator Coffee Company in West Midtown, Tommie told Karen K.K. King about her fight with Tiarra and Mimi’s party for Chris. It was clear that Karen wanted Tiarra out of the picture. Revelator serves seasonal food to accompany the coffee. The company has locations in Birmingham, Chattanooga, Nashville, and New Orleans.

Karen says that she when she told Tommie that Tiarra was still in the picture, Karen didn’t mean for Tommie to fight the girl, but she didn’t seem to blame her. Karen wants Tiarra out of the way. Karen was peeved, because she felt that Tiarra ratted her out to the police. Four years ago, Karen explained, the family was accused of trying to hurt Sas’s father. Karen’s sons ended up in jail and Karen went on the run.

“I expected my family to have my back,” Karen King said, “but instead Tiarra ratted me out to the cops, and for that, I hate her.”

K.K. said that she spoke with Tiarra to have a connection with her sons while they were in jail, but she found out that Tiarra was relaying their conversations to the police.

Betty Idol and D. Smith

Unfortunately, Betty Idol, D. Smith’s friend who also knows and is friendly with Scrappy, told D. Smith about some comments that Tammy’s husband, Waka Flocka had made that concerning transgender people. D. Smith decided that she was too busy to model (she was working on her music career) so she thought that maybe Betty would do it.

Of course the sit-down with the three of them at Bocado in West Midtown went awry, because Betty also had deep feelings about what Waka had said. The women insulted each other until their insults turned into a physical altercation.

Photo of D. Smith, courtesy of VH1