Karlie Redd was blackmailed and in the same breath, her blackmailer invited her to a video release party and told to invite all of her friends (who might be blackmailed too) on the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode that aired at 8 p.m. on May 2, 2016 on VH1.


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Karlie Redd, Photo courtesy of VH1

Joseline Hernandez threatened Karlie, but Karlie was unfazed and told her ex-friend that any gossip she heard was a lie. She also told Joseline that she was a genuine friend to her and she said that Joseline was evil because of what she was trying to do. Karlie ended up walking away and left Joseline sitting at the table.

Scrappy came to Kirk’s showcase for new artists. He had been arguing with Kirk about Kirk not going to court and vouching for Scrappy in his custody case. Rasheeda invited Scrappy to the showcase to try to get the two on better terms. Kirk was angry angry at Scrappy, because he thought that he was being self about being angry that Rasheeda and him couldn’t attend. When Kirk realized that Scrappy was fighting for his daughter, he changed his mind about the situation and apologized.

Focused on planning her video release party, Joseline visited Scales 925 to see if the restaurant would offer what she wanted for her gathering. While there, Karen King, met up with them. Joseline couldn’t wait to tell her that she had some information about her. Apparently, Joseline heard that Karen King and Stevie J. had hooked up. Stevie J. and K.K. denied that they had any relationship beyond a brother/sister type relationship.

K.K. also chatted with Stevie J. about the differences she had been having with her son, Scrapp, and Tiarra. Stevie J. explained that maybe she should meet with Tiarra and try to have a good relationship with her for her grandson’s sake. The mother of Scrapp’s child was keeping their son away from Scrapp and his family when she found out that Scrapp was seeing another woman.

Mimi and Joseline when furniture shopping together. Mimi looked for items to buy for her new house. Joseline invited Mimi to her video release party, and she asked her to invite the other girls, too.

“Joseline is barely off the plane from LA and she’s already starting #$%,” Mimi said. “She can sit here and act like she doesn’t have some sneaky sinister plan up her sleeve, but I know her all too well and so does everyone else.”

Joseline had some information that she wanted to share with Mimi. The Puerto Rican Princess  showed Mimi the evidence that she had on K.K., her criminal history, mugshots, the works. Mimi was floored because Stevie J. calls K.K. his sister. Joseline wanted to let Mimi know about the person whom Stevie might have around her daughter.

At the Omen Agency in Castleberry Hill, Scrapp is a assisting his brother Sas with his solo debut, a small performance to give his fans a taste of what is to come on his mix tape.

Scrapp DeLeon, Photo courtesy of VH1

Scrapp DeLeon, Photo courtesy of VH1

Scrapp said that Dolla’s birthday is coming up, and they are planning to go to the grave site. Scrapp told Dolla about his mom and how headstrong she was and how she didn’t see the bigger picture.

Meanwhile, K.K said that she was going to be the bigger person, but she didn’t bow down and tell him that she would at least talk with Tiarra and be civil with her to try to get her to bring her grandson by.  Instead, being the bigger person, meant that K.K. would meet with her son (and stop avoiding him) and tell Scrapp that she cannot befriend Tiarra. KK threatened to take Tiarra to court if she doesn’t let her see her grandson.


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Clifford “T.I.” Harris is the co-founder of Scale 925. Some of the main courses include Peachtree Fried Chicken, shrimp and grits, barbecue spare ribs, and lobster tails with grits, listed on the menu as TIP’s favorite. On the show, Joseline and Stevie J visited Scales 925 to see if she would like to have her video release party there.

Cajun Shrimp Scampi w/Lemon Tarragon Rice and Braised Collards! #Scales925

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We setting the bar with the double lobster tail specials!!! #scales925

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Lunch is served! Come in and try our peach glazed salmon and grits! You'll love it! #scales925

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