Golnesa (G.G.) Gharachedaghi wanted to go camping in the Shahs of Sunset episode that aired at 8 p.m. on May 1, 2016. on BRAVO.

G.G. had been pushing her friends away, mostly due to her emotions associated with dealing with her arthritis. Asa Soltan Rahmati came to her home with her famous green dip, made extra spicy for G.G., and G.G. talked about her love for camping and her desire to go on a camping trip with all of her friends. Everyone agreed to accompany G.G. on the camping trip. Asa and Reva got to together to get gear they needed for the trip.

Shervin Meets with M.J.

Although Mercedes M.J. Javid was reluctant to go, Shervin Roohparvar met her at the Farmer’s Belly Cafe and convinced her to go to show her support for G.G. He reminded her that she had said that G.G. had been having issues for the last nine months, so ten months prior, they were close friends and everything was normal between them.

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M.J. gave that some though and although she wasn’t a big fan of the great outdoors, and she had been thinking that it was futile to try to help G.G., she changed her mind.

Mike and Jessica

Mike and Jessica sat down for dinner, and Jessica complained about their finances. She also mentioned that she had a $500 phone bill to pay and she looked at a $5,000 tea set in the store.

M.J.’s Business and Bingo

Meanwhile M.J., wanted to revitalize her real estate business. She went business card shopping with Tommy, and later hosted Bingo Night at Hamburger Mary’s. She was actually the co-host to Roxy’s bigger than life personality. M.J. used the opportunity to pass out business cards and network in a big way. She even volunteered to let a Bingo player spank her.

Speaking of business, because of the popularity of her fashions, Asa decided to market her fashions to high-end stores. Her plan was to get her fashions in about three boutiques. She needed a Look Book so potential boutiques could see a representation of her collection. Asa scheduled a photo shoot that costed between $20,000 to $25,000 for a single day. Her family was helping her pull everything together, but she had to tell her mother repeatedly to get out of photos. Her mother, a nurse by trade, planned to work full-time with Asa. Asa’s father was already working for her.


The Camping Trip

So, G.G. rented an RV and the gang set off to the Morro Bay State Park Campgrounds. Reza Farahan was disappointed by the RV. He said he wanted Motley Crue’s tour bus, or something like that. A prankster at heart, Reza brought something that smelled like dog feces and something else that looked like wet feces on the RV. He went to work squirting the stuff everywhere and it caused all kinds of commotion on the bus, because it really did look and smell like the real thing. G.G. drove the RV and almost had an accident, because the RV apparently smelled so bad.

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The group finally made it to the campground and Reza was the first guy to get his tent up. Everything seemed to be going well at camp. Even M.J. was having a good time. It looked lie the group and G.G. were reuniting at the camp. There’s more to come next week…

Shah’s of Sunset Travel Destination Focus

Shervin and M.J. dined at the Farmer’s Belly in Hollywood. This farm to table eatery serves organic locally sourced food. Catering is also offered.

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