The Byron Nelson, a PGA golf tournament at the Four Seasons was the focal point of the Real Housewives of Dallas episode that aired at 10 p.m. Eastern Time on June 13, 2016 on BRAVO.  In this episode, entitled, The Full Nelson, Stephanie Hollman invited LeeAnne to her annual Byron Nelson party, although LeeAnne Locken went a little crazy at the last party that the women had. Travis Hollman insisted on giving her a list of things to do. Primarily, he wanted her clean up all of the dog poop in their backyard. Stephanie resented Travis’ to –do lists. He had promised not to give her any more lists after she arranged the perfect birthday party for him, and Stephanie reminded him of the promise that he made, and he backed down.

LeeAnne and Tiffany worked out at Telos Fitness Center, and Tiffany was happy to tell her friend that that Aaron was interested in looking at houses again. In the past, Aaron wasn’t sure if he wanted to stay in Dallas. He performed at the House of Blues for a charity function that Tiffany organized. He had been getting other gigs as a result of his stellar performance and was happier since he was doing what he enjoyed.

Mark and Cary Deuber talked about looking for some real estate in Switzerland. And Mark was over-the-top, as usual. He presented Cary with photos of homes that cost millions of dollars.

Then, the scene changed and LeeAnne and Tiffany were still working their arm muscles and chatting. They talked about hanging out with the women again. LeeAnne didn’t feel confident about socializing with them, since she totally lost it during their get-away to Austin. Tiffany encouraged her to try again and be amazing to everyone this time.

In the previous episode, LeeAnne grew irate when she thought that Marie told a personal and embarrassing, but true story about her. That’s what set off, LeeAnne’s uncontrollable behavior in Austin. LeeAnne had even threatened to kill Marie Reyes.

Tiffany said that she didn’t want to call Marie a liar, but Marie wouldn’t admit to betraying LeeAnne. She kept saying that she didn’t tell anyone LeeAnne’s story.


LeeAnne Locken, Real Housewives of Dallas

Then Cary heard that LeeAnne was spreading rumors about her. She was saying that Cary was a homewrecker. Cary said that LeeAnne didn’t like that she stood up to her during the trip. Cary told LeeAnne that she behaved badly and there was no excuse for it.  So Cary thought that LeeAnne was retaliating by spreading rumors about her

Bryan and Brandi decided to take the kids bowling. Brandi admitted that she had felt alone in her marriage, and she felt as though she was a single mother with two daughters. She had to communicate her feelings to her husband before he could understand how she felt. Who knew?

The Redmond Family

In one year, Brandi had to deal with her brother’s suicide attempt and meeting her grandfather for the first time. She felt that she needed Bryan’s support through all of that, and he wasn’t around enough to give it to her.

Aaron and Tiffany looked at yet another huge house. Tiffany really liked the house. She felt that it was in a great area. The asking price for the house was $675,000, and Tiffany thought that was a great deal, and the house had everything that she wanted. Aaron finally decided that he was willing to call Dallas home, and he liked the house.

At the bowling alley, Bryan suggested that Brandi invite some people over for the Fourth of July. This made Brandi very happy, because Bryan was late for the family gathering with her grandparents. Bryan wanted to be a good role model so that his daughters would choose good husbands when they grow up. Brandi was beaming.

Brandi  Redmond and Stephanie Hollman

Brandi and Stephanie picked up the dog poop from the backyard, and as they chatted, Brandi came to conclusion that she would keep her distance from LeeAnne’s group of friends, because they didn’t seem to be very normal.

Back and LeeAnne’s house, LeeAnne, talking to her boyfriend, Rich, discussed becoming a public speaker. She also admitted that it bothered her that she got so angry in Austin and at other times in her life. She admitted that she needed help with her anger. A lot of her anger comes from her fear of abandonment.

LeeAnne went to meet Jeff Crilley, who owns Real News Public Relations, a company that operates a speaker’s bureau. LeeAnne told the group there that she wanted to write her memoirs. Crilley told her that she didn’t have to write a book. How much do public speakers earn? According to Crilley, LeeAnne could start out making about $2,000 per speech, and as she became a household name, she could earn $25,000 or $50,000 a speech. LeeAnne was pleased as punch to hear that she’d soon get information so she could start her training.

In the next scene, Travis double-checked with Stephanie that everything was prepared for the Byron Nelson party.


Cary Deuber

Cary from the Real Housewives of Dallas

THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF DALLAS — Season:1 — Pictured: Casey Deuber — (Photo by: Michael Larsen/Bravo)

In the meantime, Cary got ready for the Byron Nelson event. She chatted with her stylist and filled him in on LeeAnne’s anger in Austin.

About 400 people were expected to attend the Byron Nelson party at Stephanie’s house. Luanne showed up, because she wanted to prove that she’s not always crazy. And Stephanie questioned why she invited her and wondered if she should have called and uninvited LeeAnne.

LeeAnne’s behavior is cowardly. “She should confront me”, Cary said.

Cary felt that LeeAnne was a bully, and LeeAnne was always playing the victim, when she was actually just a bully. Tiffany stood up for LeeAnne, because she felt that LeeAnne was indeed a victim, and Marie triggered her by lying in Austin. They both agreed that they could not friends with each other.

Tiffany said that she wanted Marie to tell the truth revealing that LeeAnne had a bowel movement in a bag in a car. Understandably, LeeAnne didn’t really want to talk about the situation. Then Cary came over to talk to LeeAnne, about her gossiping. LeeAnne felt that Cary was just trying to agitate her.

“I am so not focused on you, and I want you to clearly accept that,” LeeAnne said.  LeeAnne said that she didn’t like the evil in Cary, and Cary responded that she’s full of s_ _t.

In the closing remarks for the show, viewers learned that although Cary thinks that the society world is a monster in Dallas, she’s happy with her life and her husband Aaron. They lost the house they were looking at buying to a higher bidder, however.

Cary is turning 40. She wants to focus on yoga and be able to touch her feet to her head for her 40th birthday. Cary and Mark summered in Switzerland. And Cary was able to do a scorpion pose during her trip to Italy.

Cary Deuber Doing Yoga

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Stephanie felt that her Byron party was a success since her husband Travis was completely drunk before it was over. The remarks about her life stated that in an attempt to work on his communication, Travis doesn’t leave Stephanie lists to tell her what to do around the house. Instead, he leaves notes asking for sexual favors.

LeeAnne admitted that she hit rock bottom in Austin, and she was going to learn from her mistakes. The remarks stated that she is being counseled to help her with anger management, and Rich hasn’t proposed.

Brandi learned that she could be wrong about people, and she also learned that it takes two people to work on a marriage. She was not wrong about her friendship with Stephanie though. Stephanie will always be her best friend. In the follow-up remarks about Brandi, viewers learned that Brandi and Bryan renewed their vows on their anniversary, and she kept her fart jokes to a minimum.