If you really want to relax this holiday season travel and sigh in relief when you get to one of these luxurious beach destinations. Participate in holiday festivities while wearing your shorts and t-shirts, or you could lie on the beach with a drink in hand and mindlessly read a trashy novel. It’s your choice, but in any case sunshine, warm weather, and the best beaches for Christmas await you. Are you in?



Best Places to for Christmas

Barbados by Shardalow, CC

Temperatures are in the 80s F and in the high (about 30 degrees Celsius) during the holiday season in Barbados. Expect to see Christmas lights, hear Christmas songs and all of the other signs of the holiday season. Clear blue waters, barefoot-friendly beaches and warm balmy weather can be a part of your Christmas in Barbados.


Christmas in Hawaii, Big Island

Hawaii Big Isandby Brad Coy

Hawaii Big Island by Brad Coy, CC

Palm trees, leis, tropical drinks, and all of the other trappings of a tropical vacation can be your backdrop if you dare to have your holiday in Hawaii, one of the best beaches for Christmas. Check the Big Island Calender for holiday events. Kailua Kona, home of the black sand beach has a high of typically about 83 degrees Fahrenheit with a low of about 61 degrees Fahrenheit.



Beaches to spend Christmas

Cancun by Michael Lehet, CC

Cancun is certainly festive during the Christmas holidays, but don’t bank on having a wide choice of retailers open on Christmas Eve. Many shops and restaurants will be closed to give employees time off with their families. You won’t go hungry if you plan ahead. All inclusive resorts will keep guests fed and hotels like the Ritz Carlton will have feasts for hungry tourists. The Ritz Carlton has a schedule of Christmas Holiday activities up and the Ritz Carlton Christmas Eve Buffet Dinner is a spread that’s fit for kings and queens.


Montego Bay, Jamaica

Montego Bay Jamaica by Mel Stoutsenberger, CC

Montego Bay Jamaica by Mel Stoutsenberger, CC

With clean white sandy beaches, warm temperatures in the upper 70s Fahrenheit and about 26 degrees Celsius, Montego Bay, Jamaica is another top retreat for the Christmas Holidays. Hotel options include the Half Moon Montego Bay, Round Hill Hotel and Villas, and the Hyatt Zilara Rose Hill.


Key West

Key West by pulaw, CC

Key West by pulaw, CC

Winter snowbird travelers head to Florida and the Keys to avoid the winter doldrums and get a coveted winter tan. So, expect the rates in the Keys to be sky-high. The holiday season is high season for the Keys, but the warm weather, high-energy night life, shopping, and festive Christmas atmosphere make Key West and the Florida Keys a keeper on this list of best beaches for Christmas. Hotel options include the Ocean Key Resort, Round Hill Hotel and Villas, and the Half Moon.



Dubai by Sarah Ackerman

Dubai by Sarah Ackerman, CC

Islam is the national religion in Dubai, but Christmas certainly celebrated. The Dubai Christmas Festival is pretty much a one-stop-shop for all the ritz, pageantry and love that comes with Christmas. Luxurious hotels in Dubai include the Burj Al Arab, Ritz Carlton Dubai, Oberoi Dubai, and the Taj Palace Hotel (starting rate was $123 a night in November 2014). It’s in the desert, yes, but the average high temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 21 degrees Celsius in December with lows at 61 degrees Fahrenheit and 16 degrees Celsius.


Bora Bora

Bora Bora by Benoit Mahe

Bora Bora by Benoit Mahe, CC

If you love the water, an overwater bungalow in Bora Bora is waiting for you. Aside from the cute exotic accommodation options (and traditional luxury resort options for land lovers) Bora Bora is the perfect place to relax, really relax over the holidays. You’ll find some Christmas swag at the resorts.  The Hilton Bora Bora Nui Resort and Spa has Christmas Eve and New Years Eve buffets for guests. You can count on peace, quiet, warmth, and gorgeous scenery, so wrench yourself away from that office work, book your tickets and let out a sigh of relief.



Phuket Thailand by Jeff Gunn

Phuket Thailand by Jeff Gunn, CC

Honestly, every day that you can spend in  Phuket is like Christmas. The people who live there are so hospitable and friendly that you just might find yourself considering a permanent move to Thailand’s beaches. The beauty about going to Phuket for the Christmas holidays is that the weather isn’t so extremely hot and humid. Holiday tourists will be around, since the rainy season is long over by December.


Grand Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman Islands by James Willamor

Seven Mile Beach Grand Cayman Islands by James Willamor, CC

The Cayman Islands has this glorious seven mile beach that you can sink your bare feet into this winter. The average temperature is 79 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius in December. The Cayman Islands is also an island that is full of traditions. You can read about the sand yard Christmas tradition in the Cayman Islands here. Expect a tropical Christmas in the Cayman’s with traditional Christmas decorations and entertainment in the islands’ hotels and resorts.


Sancho Beach in Brazil

Sancho Beach in Brazil by Jorge from Brazil

Sancho Beach in Brazil by Jorge from Brazil, CC

Brazilians honor Christmas in a big way, so you can expect to see decorated Christmas trees, hear Christmas carols, and maybe even learn about mass services for the holiday. Brazil’s celebrations are similar to those in the United States, but if you travel to Brazil you won’t have to worry about Christmas dishes, shoveling snow, or scraping ice off of your car. December is summertime in Brazil, and temperatures will be about 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius).


Which beach do you think should go on this list of best beaches for Christmas?