Are you planning to visit Utah? Here are some ideas for your Utah bucket list. Even if it wasn’t a destination that thought you’d want to visit, read on. Pour over these lovely images for inspiration for things to do in Utah.

Bryce National Park

Utah Bucket List Photo of Bryce Canyon by Don Graham, Creative Commons

Those of you are fit and are up to the challenge at Bryce Canyon should try hiking the Navajo/Queens Garden Loop trail. Be careful, because the trail slopes downward. You will see eventually see Thor’s Hammer, a popular rock formation.

Thor’s Hammer one of the popular formations that you’ll see in Bryce Canyon. The view of the hammer and the surrounding hoodoo formations is amazing at sunset.

The Queens Garden is a short moderate  trail that you might want in conjunction with the Navajo Loop. The Visitors’ Bureau warns that you might encounter steep dips in the trail and loose gravel, but you’ll see some cool hoodoo formations.

Zion National Park

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Utah Bucket List Photo by Les Haines, Creative Commons

If you are looking for an easy, yet beautiful hike to add to your Utah bucket list, consider visiting  Zion National Park. The Narrows is one of the easiest hikes to see, because you can take the paved wheelchair path that leads out to it. Those of you who are more adventurous can wade in the river.  You will get your feet wet, but you’re going to keep your shoes on due to the rocky, slippery terrain. Wear shoes with good soles for those conditions.

utah bucket list
Utah Bucket List Destination of Zion National park By Thomas

You are more likely to spot a mule deer, a bighorn sheep, or a fox among the reported 68  mammals that you’ll see in Zion National Park according to the National Park Service.

Canyonlands National Park

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If you want to do some sightseeing without a crowd of other people fulling Utah bucket list experiences, Canyonlands might be a good national park for you to visit. Islands in the Sky may offer you a quieter and calmer trip (because there’s usually fewer people there).

Tough and athletic types might want to add a bike ride in Canyonlands National Park to your Utah bucket list. The 100-mile White Rim Trail takes some planning. In addition to the gear that you’ll need, you’ll also need to get a permit to stay in the park overnight. Be careful! It was recently reported that a biker had a terrible fall at Canyonlands.

Of course, you can ride an easier path in nearby Dead Horse Point State Park. Here’s a map to help you navigate the bike trails. 

Arches National Park

Add a visit to Arches National Park to your Utah bucket list! If you are looking for easy hikes with lots to see, get to Arches. It’s only a few hours away from Salt Lake City.  However, you need to visit when the weather is cool. It gets extremely hot there. At Arches National Park, the arch-shaped rock formations are the big attraction for things to do in Utah. Delicate Arch, Firey Arch, and the Double Arch are the arches to see.  Arches National Park is busy, so it’s best to get there early, like right after sunrise, at sunset or at night.

See the Milky Way at the Arches National Park. The park is open 24 hours a day, reports the NPS. It’s an amazing sight to see the brilliant mass of stars, away from the bright lights of the city.

Capitol Reef National Park

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Hiking to the Hickman National Bridge is among the things to do in Capitol National Park. It’s a moderate hike and park officials recommend it because of its great scenery. It’s also easy to get to from the Visitor’s Center and it is one of the one of the most popular trails.

See the Animals at Antelope State Park

Things to do at Antelope State Park photo by R. Nial Bradshaw, CC

Antelope State Park (Antelope Island) is worth a trip to see freely roaming bison. You can also see mule deer, bighorn sheep, and antelope, too. And if you are into beaches, the park has a sandy beach at the Bridger Bay Day-Use Area. There are trails to hike, you can rent a horse to ride, and you can even visit a historic homestead.

Caution: Be sure that you are aware of the insect situation before you go. Always wear and bring insect repellent. By the way, the park is about 41 miles away from Salt Lake City. The park’s hours are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., and it’s closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Things to do in Utah: Antelope Island
Things to do in Utah: Antelope State Park, photo by Jon Roberts, CC

Dinosaur National Monument

See where the dinosaurs roamed in Utah. The Dinosaur National Monument has over a thousand fossils in the quarry. It’s located in both Utah and in Colorado. It’s east of Salt Lake City.

Go River Rafting

Live on the wild side. Take a river rafting trip on Green River in Utah. You can find many companies that provide guided trips like Don Hatch River Trips.

Sundance Film Festival

Get dolled up and attend the famous Sundance Music Festival for Independent Films. It’s held at Park City and Salt Lake City.

Utah Shakespeare Festival

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Every year dozens of people visit the Utah Shakespeare Festival held from July to September at Southern Utah University. The performances are held on replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, The Randall L. Jones Theatre, and  The Eileen and Allen Anes Studio Theatre. The latter theaters are are modern-style theaters. In addition to the performances, there are workshops about period costumes, acting working workshops and more. The Utah Shakespeare Festival is a Tony Award winning event.