On this week’s Black Ink Crew, which aired at 9 p.m. on May 17, 2016 on VH1, Puma told Quani that he had gotten shot at in his shop. He said that slugs had to be taken out of the wall of Art2Kink. Tamia, their daughter, could have been in the shop, Quani said. As a mother, the shooting was her worst nightmare.  Quani said that she didn’t want Mia there until they found out who the culprit was.

Ceaser allowed OS*** to return to Black Ink. Ceaser was satisfied that OSH**** hadn’t been drinking at work and was sober. Sky talked about how Puma’s shop had gotten shot up. O*** felt that they shouldn’t talk about why his shop was shot at, instead, they should be concerned about Puma’s family.

The crew threw a party for Skye, who was finally taking her bandages off for the world to see. Dutchess apologized to Ceaser, and he accepted it, because she rarely apologized.

Donna came to Sky’s party, because she felt that their previous argument was a misunderstanding. She didn’t want to fight with Sky. She just wanted to talk and clear everything up.

Phoenix, a tattoo artist at Art2Ink, (Puma’s shop) was at the party,  because he was considering working at another shop. He felt that the shooting made it too dangerous to work for Puma.

Ceaser wanted the “real scoop” on what happened. “What I’ve been hearing, is that my name is being dragged through the mud,” Ceaser said.

Sky finally arrived to her reveal party, and everyone cheered. “Like Sky’s body is believable, that’s what I like about it,” Teddy said.

Sky said that she wasn’t interested in Teddy. Nothing that touched her body before would touch it after her surgery. Kathie came to the party, watching Ceaser to serve OS*** the documents for court. She was taking him to court about his child support payments. Ceaser got her to agree to allow him to garnish OS***’s wages instead of taking him to court.

Donna got a chance to finally talk to Sky. She told Sky that she was her friend, and she made it clear that she wanted to continue to be friends. Sky was cordial to Donna, but felt that if she wasn’t going to pay her money for her share of the rental house, they weren’t going to be friends again. As she walked away, Sky said that she wanted to fight Donna, and Donna put aside her desire to squash everything and warned that there was going to be a war between them.

Ceaser announced that he will marry Dutchess in the Spring. Everyone was happy, and Sky wanted to be a bridesmaid.

Puma and Quani got together at the 40/40 Bar. Puma wanted Quani to feel safe, so he arranged a romantic private room for them to talk. Puma was waiting for her with flowers rose petals, and drinks in the private room.  Puma said that things were going well, and wanted to continue to get Art2Ink running smoothly. and they talked about what they should do next.

Quani and Puma decided to keep Art2Ink open. “…I gotta make sure that you’re alright first. You know what I mean? You’re my rock, so I just need you to really believe in me.” Puma said.

Quani said that she did believe in him, and she wanted Puma to stay safe.. She wasn’t going to leave him, because she was his “ride or die chick.”

“It makes me feel good that Puma is trying to make sure that me and Tamia are completely good before he opens Art2Ink again,” she said.

Ceaser found a space for the new Black Ink in Harlem, down the street from the Apollo. Rent was $6,000 a month. Cesear showed the new place to Ted who was a bit down on the idea. He was worried about opening the shop and not being able to keep it open due to the expensive rent (although there was a lot of foot traffic in the area). Ted also brought up that they would be closer to Puma, because his shop is also in Harlem. Ted didn’t want Ceaser to look like a bully, in light of conflicts those two had and the shooting at Puma’s business. Ted told Ceaser that he’d support whatever he wanted to do.

Back at the shop, Ceaser prepared to tattoo, Mess, a producer who had been coming to the shop for years. Mess had produced Jadakiss. Mess wanted a crown and cross with a light for his tattoo. The tattoo symbolized sacrifice.  Mess talked about how his business partner was no longer his friend and how it was hard to lose a friend. Ceaser agreed that sometimes friends might be against you.

“Nothing is going to distract me from building my empire,” he said.

Niecy, Quani’s mother met with Puma and Quani. She insisted that Puma close his shop permanently and get a regular job. Quani supported Puma fully, and she told her mother that the shop was his dream. Puma chimed in and told her that if they closed the shop it would be as thought the villains had won. Neicy walked away, because she didn’t have anything else to say to try to convince them to close the shop.

Kathie came by Black Ink to come to an agreement about the amount of money that OS*** should pay. OS*** didn’t want to engage in any conversation with Kathie, and was on his phone most of the time. Ceaser served as the mediator. At one point, Kathie was yelling, and OS*** was walking away.

Then Kathie was screaming, and Sky was completed entertained by the excitement. OS*** agreed to improve his child support payment record, and Kathie seemed somewhat satisfied, after she started yelling at OS*** briefly. She agreed to allow Ceaser to take care of everything, garnish his wages if necessary, but in her interview she warned that Ceaser is only going to be let down by OS***.