Golnesa met Reza at Grotto de Sal, a luxurious spa where they relaxed in the salt room and soaked in a sulfur pool on the episode that aired on May 15, 2016. Golnesa admitted that her arthritis was getting worse and her doctor said that needed to have chemotherapy.

MJ and Tommy had moved in together, and MJ was trying to figure out where to put Tommy’s stuff. Meanwhile, they received a phone call from Mercedes’ fertility doctor, Dr. Shahin Ghadir. The doctor had news. Tommy’s sperm count was too low to get Mercedes pregnant. The doctor recommended that Tommy have another test, to be sure of the results. Because Tommy didn’t follow directions for taking the first test, it was possible that the results were not correct. They decided to reschedule the test

Marriage Problems Already?

Mike and Jessica went to visit Alison, a marriage counselor. Mike admitted that the stress of life had gotten to them, and Jessica and he had drifted further and further apart. It was revealed that they had separated. Jessica had moved out, because they had been fighting constantly.

Golnesa and Servin

Golnesa visited Shervin and his mother at Shervin’s place for dinner. Shervin’s mother expressed the hope that Shervin would get married. Shervin said that he was ready to find someone to settle down with, but Golnesa indicated that he wasn’t ready because what he wanted in a woman didn’t exist. He wanted beautiful woman who wouldn’t dispute anything. Golnesa said in her interview that Shervin has money, but no game. Apparently, he’s had a string of one night stands, but nothing serious since his last relationship two years before.

Meanwhile, in preparation for his wedding, Reza and Asa took a roadtrip to Palm Springs to scout out a location for Reza’s surprise nuptials. They went to Eight4Nine Restaurant. There were to be 10-12 people at the wedding. He planned for his guests to have dinner, and then he’d say a few words and Asa would marry them. Reza decided on the space right there.


Planning a Family

M.J. and Tommy returned to the doctor, and they learned that Tommy had a high enough sperm count to impregnate M.J. The doctor said the longer they wait the lower the chances they had to have a baby.

In Palm Springs, Reza and Asa hashed out the plans for the wedding at Reza’s vacation house in Palm Springs. Asa wondered what would happen if Adam said no, but she didn’t want to stress Reza out. Reza felt that even though Adam might not like some little things, like the venue for example, he wants to marry him, so he will definitely go through with the wedding.

Shervin had a date at Cascabel with Annalise, an Italian girl who he really liked. Analise grew up in Australia. Shervin always wanted to marry a Persian woman, but after meeting her, he realized that maybe his perfect mate, wasn’t Persian. He met her while standing in line at Earth Café in Beverly Hills. She was looking at the menu. He asked her want she was going to order, and they ended up having lunch together. He said some insulting things, like that she was the perfect girl until she talked.

Mercedes told her mother that Tommy had moved in. She told her mother that she was going to get pregnant one day and marry Tommy, and her mother told her that if she does marry Tommy she will get no help from her.

Asa had a Cat Lady party for her mother, who loves cats. Most of the people came to the party, dressed like cats. Asa’s mom is a sorcerer. She read coffee grounds to read his destiny. Zinat spoke of a jealous woman who smells of vodka, who wanted to throw a monkey wrench into his situation. The group sat and talked together in the backyard, and M.J. wanted to know why Jessica wasn’t there. Mike didn’t want to talk about it, but said that she had moved out.