At Dream Café, Tommie and Karlie met, because Karlie was upset that Tommie had been talking about her. Tommie told Joseline that Karlie had been saying negative things about Joseline, but Karlie said that she had been a loyal friend to Joseline and denied that.

Karlie said that she would tell her friends something if she heard something about them, and Tommie said that she thought that Karlie should keep those things to herself. Karlie then got Tommie back by telling her that she knew something about her, and she wasn’t going to tell her, because she knew how she was. So, Karlie had a secret or some insight that would somehow impact Tommie, and Karlie decided not to bother saying anything about it. Tommie comforted herself by saying that Karlie had nothing that she wanted to hear. But it turns out that Karlie really did have something that Tommie wanted to hear.

Joseline Was House Hunting

Joseline went house shopping without Stevie J., because she said that she didn’t know what was going on with him. She went with Dawn, because she wanted to catch up on her. Joseline made it known to her that Tommie and K.K. were friendly. That made a light bulb go off in Dawn’s mind, because she had met K.K. in jail.

K.K. got out of jail before Dawn, because she only did about 10 or 11 months, Dawn said. They had planned to meet up after they had both gotten out of jail, but they only met up once or twice, and Dawn said that she never heard from  K.K. again. She felt that K.K. must have been the reason why Tommie tried to fight her at Joseline’s video release party in the previous episode.

Joseline said that she loves Dawn’s friendship, and they had worked out their difficulties. They apologized to each other and were friends again. Stevie J. stopped by the house that Joseline and Dawn were supposed to be looking at, and he was annoyed that Dawn was there. Dawn had said some nasty things about Steive J. and Joseline in the past, and Stevie J. couldn’t figure out why she was friends again with his wife.

Stevie also thought that maybe Joseline was trying to do some business with Dawn behind his back. When he mentioned that all of Joseline’s business had to go through him, she demanded to see her contract. Dawn agreed that Stevie wasn’t dealing with Joseline, the novice. He was dealing with a more mature woman. And Joseline said that he if didn’t show her the contract, she’d take him to court. Both Joseline and Dawn said that Stevie J. was too controlling, and after he’d left, Joseline said that she didn’t think that the marriage was going to work.

Karlie Redd and Scrapp DeLeon

Back at Merci Boutique Karlie Redd was preparing for a special guest.  Karlie Redd had invited Scrapp DeLeon to her boutique to supposedly to talk business, but a lot of flirting was going on.

“I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but I think Karlie called me over here for more than just business,” Scrapp said. And since she was wearing  black mini skirt and bending over when he first walked in.

For a minute, I started having inappropriate thoughts and now I’m starting to think this might be a setup, and Tommie and Tiarra’s about to pop out any second,” Scrapp DeLeon  said during his interview.

“After I saw you at the Dolla Tribute, I was like, yo, I could really do some things with them, you know ‘cause I have a record label,” Karlie said.

Karlie was thinking that she could make some money, and maybe help Scrapp DeLeon. Scrapp talked about the work he had been doing with his brother, Sas. He mentioned Sas’ single, I’m a Dog. Scrapp DeLeon said that he wasn’t a dog.

“You’re sure?”

“I’m positive.”

“In order to cheat, you have to be in a committed relationship,” he said.

Karlie said that she had been seeing Lyfe Jennings, but she hadn’t heard from him in a long time. She had been calling and texting him, but he would not answer.

She asked Scrapp DeLeon to appear on her Playboy radio show. “It’s talking about your bedroom business, so how do you like it,” Karlie asked completely veering away from the business talk. There was a little more conversation and Scrapp DeLeon suddenly kissed her.

Joseline and K. Michelle

Joseline visited K. Michelle at her new house in Atlanta. K. Michelle had planned to have a release party for her third album. K. Michelle planned to invite everyone who doubted her, in addition to her friends. She had invitations for Jessica Dime, Mimi, Joseline, Karlie, and Rasheeda. Joseline was to give them their invitations.

Stevie went to visit Mimi. He had something that he wanted to ask her. He wanted to know if he could crash at her place, in the guest room. He and Joseline had been having marital problems. Mimi agreed to allow Stevie to stay in her home, although she knew that it would cause problems.

Joseline and Tommie met at Thrive restaurant.Tommie apololized for fighting with Dawn at the Puerto Rican Princess’s video release party. “She has been running around with my name, like, in her mouth. I don’t even know her. That was my frustration. Tommie confessed that she had been under a lot of stress (because of what Scrapp DeLeon had been putting her through) and she had drinking a lot.

Jessica Dime and Karlie Redd

At Varasano’s in Dunwoody, Jessica Dime and Karlie met up, and of course Karlie had to tell Jessica about her recent development with Scrapp DeLeon. Karlie was loving the attention that Scrapp was giving her. He was constantly calling and texting her.

“Lyfe has never been good in the romance department,” she said.

Jessica Dime felt that Karlie was headed for disaster by starting up with Scrapp DeLeon. But then she dropped the bomb, and told Karlie about how Scrappy been flirting with her. Karlie fake retched in her interview when she mentioned Scrappy.

Mimi had to break the news and tell Chris that Stevie wanted to stay with her or a while, but Chris didn’t want to be in the middle of the drama. She didn’t trust Stevie at all and decided to break up with Mimi.

K. Michelle had a video shoot, at which she officially gave Karlie Redd the aforementioned invitation to her listening party. She posed a few questions to Karlie Redd about Karlie’s friendship with Joseline. Karlie indicated that she could live without having Joseline as a friend.

Mimi and Ariane’s Party

Mimi and Ariane celebrated their upcoming birthdays at M Bar. Karlie came out, too. Jessica Dime, and  Rasheeda were there. Mimi transferred her invitation to Jessical Dime, who ripped it up. Bambi showed up to the M Bar with Chaz, whom she had been dating. Dime, Rasheeda, Bambi and Chaz sat together, and Dime started telling Bambi about how Scrappy had been contacting her. Bambi really didn’t want to hear about Scrappy while she was on her date with Chaz, and she told Dime that Scrappy was free to contact whomever he wished. Bambi was clearly irritated, and she didn’t seem to like Dime, anyway. Rasheeda, seeing the conflict, let with Dime before things exploded into a fight.

“Get your ugly a** out of here,” Bambi said. With them dumb-a** pink hair. Yeah, whatever.”

Photo of Karlie Redd, Courtesy of VH1.