Here is a style that’s a great choice for a beach vacation, business conference, or practically anywhere else. You’ll need plenty of hairpins. I used the longer hairpins, because I can secure them into my locs more securely. You’ll also need small black rubber bands to place on the ends of your braids. Try to tuck the banded ends into your updo, so they can’t be seen. If you wrap your hair up at night with a silky scarf, the style will last at least a few days. Wrapping it will help smooth down flyaway hair, so your style will look fresher and neater.

1. Use a large ponytail holder to put your hair into a ponytail.
2. Take small sections of your hair and plait each one. Remember to secure the ends with a small rubber band.
3. One by one, pin the braids up into a bun. Arrange the braids anyway you wish.

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