has looked ahead to 2016 and has predicted several key changes. For one thing, there will be more competitive prices for air travel. Travelers can expect to see an increase in no-frills flights. For example, American Airlines is expected to offer cheaper flights. This growth, according to, is fueled by competition from WOW Air, Norwegian Air, and from lower oil prices.

Practical comfort will be key on flights. Travelers can look forward to charge pads for tablets,  a few wider seats, and child seats for travelers with children. Parents can look forward to the availability of  trackers for children traveling alone. These trackers will help adults know where their children are when they travel to see their out-of-town friends or relatives.

Not only will trackers be available for kids, but savvy travelers will use trackers to track their luggage and bags. Smart travelers will also decrease their travel bulk by using snazzy bags that compress their clothes.

Meanwhile, Cheapflight’s travel survey reports that travelers without children will advocate for child-free zones on flights.Noisy air cabins have been a constant complaint for air travelers. It is unknown, however, if child-free zones will be a reality on airplanes. Expect to hear more conversations about it in the future.

An increase of travelers who wish to travel only with carry-on bags to eliminate the need for luggage check-in, will prompt airlines to have larger luggage bins inside airplanes. This will make flights.

Finally, super-long flights will help passengers get where they want to go, directly. So, far Cheapflights cites Emirates’ 17-hour, 35-minute flight from Dubai to Panama City starting Feb. 1st as an example of the trend of future long haul flights. Where there is a demand for travel to these destinations, direct flights to them are more likely to follow.